/2019 Quantum Computing Strategies Report (via Qpute.com)

2019 Quantum Computing Strategies Report (via Qpute.com)


“Quantum Computing Strategies: 2019” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.” data-reactid=”12″>The “Quantum Computing Strategies: 2019” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

This report is a fundamental strategic guide to what the major companies are planning in both quantum computing hardware and computing software. It is based on 35 interviews with key influencers at commercial quantum computing companies, as well as academic and government players. This has been complemented with material from published sources including Inside Quantum Technology’s own industry analysis.

This report provides actionable competitive intelligence and analysis on the state of the quantum computing market and where it is headed in the future. This report will prove invaluable to business development and marketing executives, as well as product managers in the quantum computer sector. It will also be an essential resource for quantum computing market investors.

E.1 Quantum computing hardware trends and race for quantum supremacy

E.1.1 New processors and qubit scaling

E.2 Quantum software strategies: Many kinds of software, many companies

E.3 Quantum computing as a service

E.4 State of quantum computing R&D

E.5 Impact of government quantum computing programs on commercial activity

E.6 Ten-year forecasts of the quantum computing industry

E.6.1 Ten-year forecast of quantum hardware (units and revenue): Breakout by geography

E.6.2 Ten-year forecast of quantum computing software revenues: Breakout by type of software

E.6.3 Ten-year forecast by quantum computing service revenues

1.1 Background to this report

1.2 Objective and scope of report

1.3 Methodology of this report

1.4 Plan of this report

2.1 Artiste-qb

2.2 Atos

2.3 D-Wave

2.4 Google

2.5 GTN 33

2.6 Heisenberg Computing

2.7 Horizon

2.8 IBM

2.9 Innovate UK Study

2.10 MDR

2.11 Microsoft

2.12 Netramark

2.13 NPL

2.14 Oxford Quantum Circuits

2.15 Q-CTRL

2.16 QC Ware

2.17 Qilimanjaro

2.18 Qindom

2.19 Qu and Co

2.20 Quantum Benchmark

2.21 QSpice Labs

2.22 QxBranch

2.23 Rigetti

2.24 Siemens

2.25 softwareQ

2.26 SolidState AI

2.27 Strangeworks

2.28 UCL Q-Labs

2.29 University of Bristol

2.30 University of Sussex

2.31 University of Toronto

2.32 Xanadu

2.33 Zapata

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