/10 Data Science and Analytics Groups in Facebook For Data Scientists (via Qpute.com)
10 Data Science and Analytics Groups in Facebook For Data Scientists

10 Data Science and Analytics Groups in Facebook For Data Scientists (via Qpute.com)

Over the last decade, social media has become a potent platform to share people’s thoughts, for connecting with peers and for providing direct contact to some of the finest tech leaders from across the world. These shared communities provide an avenue to developers and beginners to resolve their queries and get peer support from the thriving community

For this very reason, the number of groups for sharing and accessing content has risen substantially. In this article, we take a look at the top 10 Facebook groups dedicated exclusively for data science and other emerging tech.

1.Data Mining / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

Purpose : This group is for people who have general interest in various aspects of data mining, machine learning, human computer interaction and artificial intelligence. The group is not restricted to people from just science background alone.

Number of members: 93,093

Group type: public

2.Data Science With R

Purpose: The group is run data science enthusiasts who like R & Python, where the topics related to analytics, machine learning, deep learning, R, python are discussed.

Number of members: 76,606

Group type: closed

3.Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Purpose: The group provides a number of materials on the ML, AI, data science and other related topics

Number of members: 41,352

Group type: Public

4.Data Science World

Purpose: This group is for sharing material related to Data Management disciplines mainly Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics etc.

Number of members: 34,130

Group type: Public

5.Big Data Learnings

Purpose: The group discusses about Big Data and Microsoft’s Hadoop distribution aka HDInsight. Big Data Learning is a platform to share knowledge, problems and solutions based on Big Data Microsoft HDInsight, Hadoop on Windows. The group host fortnightly sessions on Hadoop and Big Data and all of them are live in their YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/Debarchans

Number of members: 20,170

Group type: Public

6.Big Data, Hadoop, NoSQL, Analytics News

Purpose: The group provides information and provides the latest advances in Big Data, Hadoop, NoSql Databases, And Data Analytics. The site is the industry’s online resource for exclusive stuff on BigData. It also updates about the upcoming conferences in the field from across the world

Number of members:19,671

Group type: Public


Purpose: A group is for all Hadoop, Big Data and Analytics training spammers.

Number of members: 18,851

Group type: Public

8. Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining & Statistics

Purpose: This is a forum for Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining and Statistics.

Number of members: 18,507

Group type: Public

9. SQLBangalore

Purpose: This is a page for interacting with SQL Bangalore UG. The group is  supported by Bangalore .NET UG (BDotNet), Bangalore ITPro UG (BITPro), SQLPass and Microsoft.

Number of members: 13,644

Group type: Public

10.Data Science, Big Data, AI, and Analytics Job Seeker – Worldwide

Purpose: The group regularly provides job updates in Data Science, Data Analytics (Python, R, Power BI, VBA, SAS, QlikView, Tableau, SQL, Advanced Excel,RapidMiner, Splunk & more),Big Data(Hadoop, Spark, etc) and Artificial Intelligence from around the Globe.

Number of members: 12,159

Group type: Closed

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