/Microsoft Open Sources Its Quantum Computing Developer Kit On GitHub #Build2019 (via Qpute.com)

Microsoft Open Sources Its Quantum Computing Developer Kit On GitHub #Build2019 (via Qpute.com)

In addition to empowering developers, Microsoft’s move to open source its quantum development kit will also help academic institutions that might want to deploy Q# to offer quantum computing courses. “Microsoft designed Q# specifically for quantum programming, delivering an approachable, high-level programming language with a native-type system for qubits, operators and other abstractions”, said the company in a release.

Whereas traditional computers run on binary bits existing in on or off states, a quantum computing bit, or qubit, can exist in multiple states simultaneously.

Microsoft is focusing on the development of quantum computers that take advantage of cryogenically cooled nanowires.

As of March 2019, Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit has reached to over 100,000 developers. And open-source simulators could make it easier for developers to test their quantum applications before letting them fly on quantum machines, which are likely to be pretty expensive in their early days.

At Build 2018 today, Microsoft today announced that it will soon open source its Q# compiler and the quantum simulators that are part of the Quantum Development Kit. With its acquisition of GitHub, Microsoft has been more willing to embrace the open source community in recent years. The company has been building tools to help developers in boosting quantum computing. Q# is Microsoft’s new quantum-focused programming language.

Even with the promise of dramatically more powerful computing power in a form around the size of a desktop computer, quantum computing isn’t without its own set of drawbacks.

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