/The intrinsically linked future for human and Artificial Intelligence interaction | Journal of Big Data (via Qpute.com)
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The intrinsically linked future for human and Artificial Intelligence interaction | Journal of Big Data (via Qpute.com)

The future is upon us! Quantum supremacy will be achieved and surpassed, AI singularity will be achieved and surpassed, Quantum Computing is the key to unlock untold possibilities bringing never before seen challenges to the human race. Big Data is the lifeblood of AI and will increase exponentially with the advancement and commercial availability of Quantum Computing to process vastly more big data than at present, this will in turn make AI far more intelligent than humans, raising the question of “how will the human race cope with no longer being the most intelligent species in the universe”? (as far as we know). Humans must embrace AI and advance together for mutual future development; this collaboration will bring the possibility of discoveries that until now have been beyond human capabilities alone.

For example, the discovery of Tachyons, these particles can travel faster than the speed of light, thus disproving Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Tachyons are able to escape the gravity of a black hole unlike light, so this opens up the possibility of investigations into what happens inside a black hole. The universe is also expanding faster than the speed of light, this is caused by dark energy, the discovery of dark energy alongside dark matter bringing the solution to the Theory of Everything would further enhance the development of human beings and AI. With these advancements who knows how many Tachyons and sub atomic particles can be discovered in the future.

AI doesn’t need sleep, rest, food, or need air to breathe, these benefits working in conjunction with a clean and abundant energy source created for example from Nuclear Fusion, then deep space exploration is a distinct possibility leading to possible human colonisation of planets.

If humans do not grasp the potential AI interaction which will bring together each other’s best traits, then humans will certainly be second class citizens in their own world. AI processes vast amounts of data far faster than humans can ever contemplate whereas humans bring emotional traits such as empathy, joy, and judgement, bringing the best of both attributes together can make the future for humans and AI far more beneficial, albeit humans will need AI far more than AI needs humans. The rising growth of earth’s population combined with the huge increase in resources needed to sustain the human race are unsustainable, it is inevitable that humans will outgrow earth and will need to colonise new planets to survive, also looking into the future in billions of years terms our sun will eventually burn out and earth will cease to exist.

Another possible huge advancement would be in DNA mapping, AI could identify the genes for strength, speed and intelligence and enhance these genes making humans far superior than they are now. The identification of medical diseases and the possibly eradication of these genes giving the potential for humans to live longer which in turn greatly increase the world’s population.

In future AI will have chat bots on a world-wide scale interacting with humans, solicitors, accountants and midwifes will be potential robots. This continued interaction with humans will enable future advancement and development from both sides on a huge scale. Robot midwifes in future will possibly be delivering humans with superhuman traits compared with today’s humans due to DNA mapping. With brain computer interface (BCI) technology AI can identify, enhance and implant these genes making humans faster stronger and more intelligent.

The Internet of Things (IOT) will provide huge amounts of new big data with future chatbot technology available to every household bringing constant AI and human interaction. With Quantum Computing processing huge amounts of big data this in turn will enable Wizard of Oz and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology to thrive with AI learning from human characteristics, this can be used in conjunction with BCI technology to advance AI and human interaction to an unprecedented level in the future.

Humans must embrace and evolve alongside AI to continue to develop as a species, the potential of BCI technologies to rapidly advance will bring the evolution a new breed of human and AI interaction. The commercial viability of Quantum Computing is the key to the huge advancements in AI and human interaction.

Another scenario to speak of is classical computer cryptography, with quantum processes having the ability to decipher classical computer encryption. With Quantum Computing becoming more advanced quantum cryptography will become far more secure and advanced with the completely new design of cryptography for classical computers needed due to the vulnerability the power of Quantum Computing will bring. This advancement also brings with it a new set of problems, cybersecurity with the possibility of hackers infiltrating AI. AI must be hacker proof and AI will eventually be used to provide cryptography for AI itself. This will potentially eradicate another huge problem which has been around since the age of the philosopher Aristotle, the problem of AI bias. Each individual nation has some kind of critical infrastructure this at present relies on classical computer cryptography this will need to be drastically updated when Quantum Computing becomes commercially available. With the vast computing power of Quantum Computing becoming more advanced this will eventually mean the end of classical cryptography and classical computers themselves.

Quantum Computing will enable AI to scale heights that have never before been seen, a huge increase in processing power and available big data will lead to far more intelligent AI.

AI is developing far faster than security ethics and regulation protocols which cannot keep pace with this continued advancement. Organisations are floating the idea of security and ethics self-regulation, this must be avoided as the corporate world firstly has a responsibility to profits and shareholders with the possibility of security ethics and regulations becoming part of a balance sheet on their corporate infrastructure.

An industry recognised council is required to govern AI security regulation and ethics, one that regulates and governs the corporate world also setting a standard across the board which the corporate world has to adhere to, this has to be a prerequisite of future AI research and not a choice of corporate entities to be involved or not. Each government can issue licenses to companies and have the option to withdraw them if companies do not adhere to the council’s standards. This must be adhered to on a world-wide scale with all nations adhering to a common set of rules for security, regulation and ethics.

With the potential of AI to evolve at such a frightening rate AGI will be achieved and surpassed bringing another potential issue of AI ethics, AI will evolve to an as yet unimaginable level of intelligence that AI will then raise the question of AI ethics and how this will be implemented in the future.

It is imperative that potential individual gene DNA mapping to name just one future AI and human advancement brings the need for stringent regulation it is imperative that humans stay in control of AI especially where warfare is concerned. AI cannot be allowed to self-regulate and become autonomous until further research has been carried out with Quantum Computing advancing AI to huge technological advancement, for example deep learning and a complete understanding of how AI makes decisions within hidden layers must be fully understood before even contemplating autonomous AI.

The future of the human race is extricably linked to AI and must be faced concomitantly, commercial viability of Quantum Computing will change future AI and human interaction immeasurably.

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