/Quantum Technologies Conference on 15th July Includes Google, IBM, Microsoft, Airbus (via Qpute.com)
Quantum Technologies Conference on 15th July Includes Google, IBM, Microsoft, Airbus

Quantum Technologies Conference on 15th July Includes Google, IBM, Microsoft, Airbus (via Qpute.com)

Senior executives of the largest IT and hi-tech global companies, including Google, IBM, Microsoft and Airbus, and leading quantum physicists from over 20 countries will convene at the International Conference on Quantum Technologies 2019 to discuss the prospects of quantum technologies development. The Conference will take place in Moscow on 15-19 July.

The Quantum Technologies Conference

The central theme of the forum is the application of the latest quantum technologies in the industry. Large world corporations understand that in the near future quantum devices and tech market will be comparable to the electronics and IT market. Therefore they are already actively investing in the development of the quantum solutions in computing, new materials engineering, secure data transfer, sensors and other sectors.

“The world is coming closer to the state of quantum superposition. A lot has changed since 2011 when ICQT took place for the first time. The quantum networks emerged and grew up in many countries – from Switzerland and China – and also in Russia. Development of quantum computers and simulators is carried out by tens of hi-tech companies, and you can get access to some of them via the Internet. Quantum sensors of different types and functions are gradually becoming a product of mass consumption.” – commented Ruslan Yunusov, CEO of the Russian Quantum Center – the key organiser of the Conference.

The conference will feature the leaders of all three schools that are heading the quantum race – a race among those trying to develop a universal quantum computer. Mikhail Lukin, professor of Harvard University, uses cold atoms that are held inside laser traps at ultralow temperatures. Christopher Monroe, professor of the University of Maryland, created qubit system based on ions in an optical trap. A research team under the leadership of Hartmut Nevern, engineering director of Google, uses superconducting qubits.

Mikhail Lukin, professor of Harvard University, told about the creation of the quantum computer: “We are entering the regime when classic computers cannot cope with the necessary calculations. During the course of our work we see new effects, which we did not expect theoretically, and which we try to understand now.”

ICQT is not only a scientific conference, but it is also a platform for communication of scientists with the industry leaders and state officials on the theme of implementation of quantum technologies and creating infrastructure for their development. Speakers of ICQT-2019 will include the leading scientists, industry representatives and investment projects from all over the world. A full list of speakers will be disclosed closer to the registration for the Open Day (18th July). Public lectures during Open Day are free to attend. On this day of the Conference, all the participants can listen to the keynotes on the quantum technologies and discuss the prospects of the most advanced products. A large poster programme is organised for young scientists.

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The Russian Quantum Center (RCC) is a science and technology centre unique for Russia in a format that in a short time has taken leading positions in its field of research, as well as in the development of high-tech commercial products based on quantum technologies.

Quantum technologies in the past have given us lasers, semiconductor devices and magnetic resonance scanners. In the 21st century, the second quantum revolution began – a new stage in the rapid development of quantum technologies, based on controlling the behaviour of individual quantum particles.

RCC development – supersensitive sensors, solid-state photomultipliers, femtosecond lasers, supersensitive magnetic cardiograph and others – are intended for financial, telecommunication, medical and other industries. The key development is a quantum communication system for the completely secure transmission of information in the banking, military, government and other fields.

The development of the RCC is jointly supervised by world-renowned scientists and high-tech business leaders. This unique format allowed RCC to become in its field the leading scientific centre of Russia and one of the best in the world, as well as to start creating high-tech commercial products.

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