/Google Creates Most Powerful Quantum Processor Yet (via Qpute.com)

Google Creates Most Powerful Quantum Processor Yet (via Qpute.com)

Google unveiled their fastest quantum processor, the Bristlecone, touted to have more computing power than supercomputers

As the demand for better technological infrastructure has continued to rise, tech giants have gotten themselves involved in a race for computing supremacy. Quantum computers are a relatively new concept, and despite some tremendous breakthroughs in the field, they haven’t quite been able to match up to the computing prowess of classic supercomputers. However, Google says they have reason to believe that their latest quantum processor, the Bristlecone, equipped with a record breaking 72 quantum bits (qubits), possesses enough power to go toe-to-toe with any supercomputer in the world, and possibly even overpower it.

Quantum mechanics is one of the most complex fields of science, to integrate this concept into computing technology, is no mean feat. Mostly because it complicates seemingly straightforward scenarios, albeit while achieving faster results. Most computers of today, perform all their operations in binary, in which all data is interpreted by the device as a combination of 0’s and 1’s. A qubit however, has the capacity to represent both values at once, until an answer is needed. Much like the famous Schrodinger’s experiment, in which the cat in the box along with a vile of poison, can be both dead and alive, until the box is opened and the possibilities collapse into one reality.  In computing terms, this gives a qubit the ability to perform exponentially. One qubit represents two states, two of them will have four possibilities, and three will have eight, and so on.

Owing to this capability, quantum computers possess a greater ability to perform operations simultaneously. Google’s Bristlecone prototype, houses 72 qubits, arranged in a square array. However, qubits are a complex creation, as their exponential ability, can also cause memory errors in the system, which is great for encryption purposes, but not so much if one wants to view results mid process. Google’s AI research team have reportedly found a workaround to this problem, and they believe that the Bristlecone will lay the foundation for faster quantum chips.

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