/The Impact of Blockchain over the last 10 years, by Nair Global (via Qpute.com)
The Impact of Blockchain over the last 10 years, by Nair Global

The Impact of Blockchain over the last 10 years, by Nair Global (via Qpute.com)

The Impact of Blockchain

Nair Global, a qualitative, quantitative and hybrid market research firm focusing on emerging technologies, is all set to unveil a detailed report titled “Decade of Decentralization: Impact on Media Sector”, the first of a series of research-based, detail-oriented reports on the influence of distributed ledger technologies on different sectors.

This will comprise of a series of reports to be published by Nair Global, a consortium of investors, innovators and influencers meant to foster an ecosystem for growth and leadership. In terms of market research, the firm primarily concerns itself with emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Distributed Ledger Technologies, Internet of Things, 5G Technology, Robotics and Quantum Computing.

The said report will constitute a comprehensive study of the data collated from different sectors that have experienced a sizeable impact of the upsurge of blockchain adoption. The report will be one of a kind as it will summarise the influence of digital ledger technologies on different industries. This will include sectors that have faced disruption or transformation owing to the introduction of the same.

The extensive format of the report allows for the literature to explore all the major facts and events that characterized and marked sector-wise revolutions in the wake of blockchain’s introduction. The first installment of such a report will delve deep into the repercussions faced by the media sector and is expected to serve as a concise guide on the same.

The ideation and drafting of the report has come at a crucial juncture for Nair Global, which is also delighted to welcome as a part of its Advisory Board, Mr. Simon Cocking. Named in multiple lists of global blockchain and fintech influencers, Mr. Cocking brings with him his years of experience as a Chief Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews and a freelance journalist who has written for top publications such as the Sunday Business Post, Irish Times and more.

This type of association between Nair Global and various industry 4.0 experts and leaders will leverage their overlapping core competencies, which include the ability to provide astute business advisory and strategizing services. While Mr. Cocking has worked with over 200 successful ICOs and many more companies as a mentor, Nair Global has as a part of its ecosystem competent administrators and strategizing experts with an incisive insight into the emerging technologies scene.

The funding of this project is to be provided by Nair Ventures, an investment promotion, facilitation and execution agency. Nair Ventures has carved out a niche for itself in the Venture Capital and Private Equity segment already and is known for having successfully carried out various initiatives, set new milestones with its capital investment model and established close ties with governmental and intergovernmental bodies.

The current Board Members for Nair Global consist of longtime professional acquaintances and associates Vinay Nair and Simon Cocking. It is open to collaborate with more experts from within the community who can contribute effectively to its vision.

Speaking about the report, Vinay Nair, Managing Partner at Nair Ventures commented:

“We are expecting contributions from over 45+ influencers, innovators and investors to be a part of this extensive report for the community, by the community and of the community and to be a compendious work covering the last 10 years of blockchain.”

Echoing Mr. Nair’s enthusiasm, Simon Cocking, Advisor to Nair Global, stated:

“I am delighted to be a part of the team and provide insights into the tech scene that I have gleaned from my years as a tech journalist and enthusiast. I look forward to collaborating with bright minds and gaining new perspective into the emerging technologies myself.”

The year 2019 marks an important moment in the decade-long history of Bitcoin and blockchain, the wondrous technology it brought in its train. Considering how momentous its tenth anniversary is, it seems fitting that Nair Global should choose this time to introduce itself and its carefully crafted report to the tech community. Enabling and empowering a well-informed community through research has been its goal since its inception and this unveiling will serve as the first instance of the same.

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