/Quantum Computing: Is This Necessary? (via Qpute.com)
Quantum Computing: Is This Necessary?

Quantum Computing: Is This Necessary? (via Qpute.com)

Scientists from the University of Tsukuba have found a way to study a process that’s creating coherent lattice waves inside crystals made out of silicone. In order to do this, they use ultrashort laser pulses.

What is the process?

They used theoretical calculations which they combine with some experimental results. This way, they were able to prove that the coherent vibrational signals could actually be kept inside the samples. This study can actually lead to quantum computers based on the already existing silicon devices. These devices are able to perform tasks even faster than the super-computers that are now available on the market for us.

Computers are very important to us, but we deal with problems

Computers are crucial for our everyday life and it continues to rise every day.  However, when it comes to classical computers, we deal with two problems. The first one is with regards to how many transistors can we actually pack into a single processor. Scientists think that we will need a new approach if we want to increase the processing capacity of the computer. And the second one is with regards to the most powerful computers that have some problems, like the cryptographic algorithm that keep your money safe on the internet.

Do we have a solution for these two problems?

They have a solution for both of these problems:  quantum computers. These computers make the most of the rules of physics that actually work at the very small scales by using electrons and atoms. When it comes to the quantum regime, electrons behave like waves and not like billiard balls and their position is not definite. Also, many components can actually become entangled. We are talking here about the properties of all the computers that cannot be described without referencing another computer. A very good quantum computer must keep the coherence of the entangled situations long enough to be able to perform the calculations.

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