/Archer Exploration Ltd assembles first components for prototype quantum computing chip (via Qpute.com)
Archer Exploration Ltd assembles first components for prototype quantum computing chip

Archer Exploration Ltd assembles first components for prototype quantum computing chip (via Qpute.com)

() has assembled the first components of a prototype qubit processor chip as part of its pioneering quantum technology project called 12CQ.

The chip forms the basis of patents exclusively licensed to Archer from the University of Sydney.

Quantum computers represent the next generation of powerful computing but one of the biggest challenges to their wide-spread use is strict temperature requirements.

During his previous employment at the University of Sydney, Archer’s CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair invented the first material known to overcome these limitations.

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Choucair said: “In a very short period since finalising the exclusive licence agreement with the University of Sydney, we have begun assembling prototype qubit processor (chip) components.

“The chip prototypes are being built by the Archer team at the world-class Sydney Nanoscience Hub at the University of Sydney.

“The Sydney Nanoscience Hub houses start-of-art facilities, such as the Research and Prototype Foundry, that are required to make 12CQ a success.

“We have started to build the chip on silicon substrates as silicon is the computer industry standard material for current classical computer chips.

“The compatibility of our carbon-based qubits with silicon chip substrates will aide with industry acceptance of our technology.”

Entire chip is width of a few human hairs

He added: “The entire chip is about the size of the width of a few human hairs and designed to accommodate our nanosized qubits, that are similar in size to the main features of classical computer chips.

“We envision the 12CQ qubit processor would fit alongside standard chips on modern day classical computing motherboards.

“Current quantum computing technology solutions can be quite rigid due to limitations posed by the qubit materials used in the chip fabrication process.

“We have the advantage that are our carbon-based qubits offer versatility in their handling, stability and quantum features for easy integration into modern electronics.”

Chip commercialisation to continue

The technical development at the heart of 12CQ is a world-first.

During the coming September quarter, Archer intends to continue technology de-risking value-added development of the chip by completing the next stages of component assembly towards a proof-of-concept prototype chip.

During this time, Archer will seek to establish commercial partnerships with highly resourced and skilled organisations.

Proactive spoke to Archer back in April 2019 about commencing the project.

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