/IBM Quantum Computer Display | SEMICON West (via Qpute.com)

IBM Quantum Computer Display | SEMICON West (via Qpute.com)

Look Inside an IBM Quantum Computer

Quantum computing will be among the top technologies featured at SEMICON West. Among the highlights, the recently formed Quantum Economic Development Consortium, launched by NIST to support development of the quantum industry, will provide the first look into their plans to help establish a roadmap for quantum computing. Google, Boeing, IBM, and more than 50 other U.S. companies are guiding NIST’s new venture. They’re scheduled to conduct a panel of experts around quantum computing on Wednesday afternoon.

Quantum Programs @SEMICON West

  • TechTALK: Get Quantum Smart — The Next Evolution in Computing, Sensing, and Communications

  • KEYNOTE The Future of Computing: Bits + Neurons + Qbits

IBM is coming to SEMICON West and bringing a quantum computing exhibit featuring a life-size model of an IBM Q quantum computer – including the elements that are cooled to near-absolute zero for the quantum processors to operate. The exhibit will include demonstrations of how the IBM Q Experience quantum cloud services platform and Qiskit, an open source quantum software framework, are used to program and experiment with real IBM Q systems. IBM Q is an industry first initiative to build universal quantum computers for business and science. This effort includes advancing the entire quantum computing technology stack, from hardware to software, and exploring applications to make quantum broadly usable and accessible.

For the audience at SEMICON West, the IBM Q model showcases a quantum computing architecture built upon decades of advances in the semiconductor industry. As we progress in the era of quantum computing, system performance will be key in achieving “Quantum Advantage” — when we can definitively demonstrate, in certain use cases, a significant performance advantage over today’s classical computers. IBM Q systems create qubits inside specially designed silicon devices, then generated by an electrical current among superconducting electrodes that are separated by a thin insulating barrier. The computer’s dense, compact circuitry is suspended like a chandelier and kept at 10-15 milliKelvin.

Quantum computers take advantage of the laws of quantum mechanics found in nature. They represent a fundamental change from classical information processing. While still in early stages of development, these machines will potentially offer unprecedented capabilities in areas such as financial services, chemistry, and artificial intelligence. With quantum computing, we will be able to understand our world differently—and solve previously intractable problems

“Who wouldn’t like to gain the means for a much more accurate set of solutions for climate change, disease treatments, and cures, or Monte Carlo simulations for their financial plans?” “The future of computing – and meaningful progress in those areas – seems close to becoming commercially available. We look forward to hearing
Dr. Welser’s keynote and experience IBM’s quantum computing exhibit for ourselves at SEMICON West.”

Dave Anderson, president of SEMI Americas, organizer of SEMICON West.

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