/Raise of $13 Million Funding For Fixing Quantum Computing Errors (via Qpute.com)
Raise of $13 Million Funding For Fixing Quantum Computing Errors

Raise of $13 Million Funding For Fixing Quantum Computing Errors (via Qpute.com)

Finnish quantum computing corporate IQM Finland Oy today stated it had raised $13 million in a seed funding spherical to help it build hardware that it says can fix quantum errors and drive greater adoption of the emerging technology architecture.

The buyers are Matadero QED, MIG Fonds, Maki.VC, OpenOcean, Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment), and Vito Ventures.

IQM started life as a joint research project at Aalto University in Helsinki and the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland before establishing itself as an organization to commercialize the high-speed quantum processors it has created.

Quantum computing is a fundamentally different and vastly much strong computer architecture that, although still nascent, has the potential to solve extremely complex issues that are impossible, or would take years for today’s computers to tackle.

The principle difference is quantum processing can happen in multiple states simultaneously. While traditional computers use binary digits or “bits” that can be represented as 1 or 0, quantum computing makes use of “qubits” that may be “superpositioned,” allowing them to be described as 1s, 0s or both states at the same time.

Also, qubits can use a technique referred to as superdense coding that permits them to carry two bits concurrently. So two superpositioned bits held in a single qubit means they will course of four occasions the info of atypical computer systems.

The opposite important distinction of quantum computers is “entanglement,” or the ability of qubits to correlate with one another so that each is aware of the state of all of the others. Meaning quantum computers grow in power exponentially as qubits are added.

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