/Take the Leap (via Qpute.com)
Take the Leap

Take the Leap (via Qpute.com)

You know what they say, a qubit is worth a thousand words. We didn’t have room for that in this newsletter, but you can (and should) check out the Brew’s longer article on quantum computing here.

And if you want to explore the quantum computing world even more, check out these resources:

  • MIT Technology Review’s three-part explainer of quantum computing, quantum communication, and post-quantum cryptography.
  • Quartz’s write-up about how quantum computers could reduce our dependence on energy-gobbling computers.
  • BCG’s or McKinsey’s guides on the future of quantum computing (’cause if the Big 3 are interested, you know there’s real-world potential).
  • WIRED’s article about China’s competitive positioning relative to the U.S.

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