/A leap in the field of Quantum Computing by Australian Research Team promises super-fast computers. (via Qpute.com)

A leap in the field of Quantum Computing by Australian Research Team promises super-fast computers. (via Qpute.com)

Renowned Quantum Physicist Prof Michelle Simmons headed an Australian Research Team to discover a major breakthrough in Quantum computing which the researchers hope to lead to much greater computing capabilities in a decade or less.

The team has achieved the first two-bit gate between atom qubits in silicon, allowing the two to communicate at 200 times faster rate than earlier achieved at 0.8 nanoseconds. The paper was published in Nature Journal on Thursday by Simmon and her team at the University of South Wales.

A qubit stands for a quantum bit, built from single phosphorus atoms in silicon. According to the Guardian’s Post, this allows reducing the operation time in computers thus, resolving complex issues in a trivial amount of time and efforts.

A two-qubit gate operates as a logic gate in traditional computing, and the team at UNSW was able to achieve the faster operation by putting the two atom qubits closer together than ever before – just 13 nanometres – and in real-time controllably observing and measuring their spin states.

The post also states that,

A scanning tunneling microscope was used to place the atoms in silicon after the optimal distance between the two qubits had been worked out.

The research spanned for 2 long decades in the making when the research team planned to work for Quantum computers in silicon material. The move was bold but was starting to pay off them. The research stands at underrated innovation in front of Google or IBM which have developed 72 qubit and 50 qubit processors respectively.

The error rates and the noise has been effectively managed so as to deliver a perfect qubit. The next stage of the research will involve developing 10qubit which will be developed within 5 years and commercialized within 10 years.

The entire research was systematically arranged under a strongly disciplined environment to ensure that the work being delivered is free of errors. This reduction in the error rate is the key before quantum computing can expand its scale and get recognized as “quantum supremacy” since quantum computing is capable of solving the issues that can not be even addressed by the present-day computers.

The team had worked hard and played hard to reach the goal. They also revealed having fun while performing the research. The vision of the team makes it one of the strongest institutions both morally and professionally.

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