/GCEDC takes part in cutting-edge Semicon West conference in San Francisco (via Qpute.com)
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GCEDC takes part in cutting-edge Semicon West conference in San Francisco (via Qpute.com)

Submitted photo and press release:

Officials from the Genesee County Economic Development Center (GCEDC) once again made the annual trip to the New York Loves Nanotech Summit at Semicon West at the Moscone Center in San Francisco July 8-11.

GCEDC Vice President of Business and Workforce Development Chris Suozzi participated in a panel discussion with other economic development professionals about how infrastructure investments are advancing New York’s impact on the development and commercialization of emerging and existing technologies.

Suozzi highlighted investments at the Western New York Science and Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park (WNYSTAMP), the 1,250-acre high-tech greenfield developed in Alabama.

“Semicon West is a great event for us to not only talk about all the great economic development initiatives occurring in Genesee County, but across New York State,” Suozzi said. “New York is continuing to make investments in semiconductor infrastructure and the Buffalo-Rochester Metro Corridor stands out as an area that is providing the best workforce and STEM education in the country.”

New York State is at the forefront of advancing AI, quantum computing, power electronics, and neuromorphic computing capabilities through their advancements in process, equipment, materials and device technology-related research.

Suozzi and GCEDC Director of Marketing and Communications Jim Krencik also led discussions with representatives of semiconductor and advanced manufacturing businesses seeking to invest in Genesee County and the talent-rich Buffalo-Rochester Metro Corridor.

Suozzi and Krencik were joined at Semicon West by New York Loves Nanotech, a statewide group led by economic development organizations, academic institutions, and technology companies. NYLN promotes WNY STAMP and the state’s assets to high-tech companies.

“Through our presence at this annual event and the relationships with have established with officials from advanced manufacturing companies, Genesee County’s assets will be well received as these officials are discussing ideal locations for their operations,” Krencik said.

For the 22nd year, NY Loves Nanotech had a large delegation of more than 60 officials attending the industry conference. NY Loves Nanotech, Empire State Development (ESD) and National Grid hosted a pavilion at the industry leading conference, which they co-exhibited with several other companies and organizations.

So far, New York has attracted more than $20 billion in nano-optics, photonics, and semiconductor investments. New York State’s world-class workforce and research and development capacities are huge asset, as are the infrastructure capacities at WNY STAMP.


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