/A Breakthrough in Quantum Computing by UNSW Research Team, Australia – The Four Point Play (via Qpute.com)

A Breakthrough in Quantum Computing by UNSW Research Team, Australia – The Four Point Play (via Qpute.com)

Speed is what defines technology better than any of its other attributes. New discoveries and inventions are able to overcome obstacles of time, they come more closer to imagining a space that stands apart from time. A scientific breakthrough of a great magnitude landed on the technology fabric of the world. Researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have jumped forward, in creating a marvel in quantum computing.

Researchers at the University have developed the speediest two-qubit gateway between atoms suspended in silicon. In layman terms, now tasks will be the fastest ever imaginable. The extremely small logic gate completed an operation in 0.8 nanoseconds – roughly 200 times faster than other spin-based two-qubit gates.

Professor Michelle Simmons, recipient of the 2018 Australian of the year award, led the research team into the incredulous find. “This is a massive advance: to be able to control nature at its very smallest level so that we can create interactions between two atoms but also individually talk to each one without disturbing the other is incredible. A lot of people thought this would not be possible,” she said.

The team enhanced every aspect of the device design with atomic accuracy to create the fastest seamless qubit gate. It is the essence of a scalable silicon-based quantum computer. Considered impossible until they cracked the code, the team has shown how the world can be controlled at it most essential best- the tinniest existence, the atomic level. The computing thus created will compute at a so far unsurpassable speed.

The team having already achieved the impossible, wants to take it a step further and scale up.

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