/ILCoin is Redefining Blockchain Technology with a Different, More Calculated Approach (via Qpute.com)
ILCoin is Redefining Blockchain Technology with a Different, More Calculated Approach

ILCoin is Redefining Blockchain Technology with a Different, More Calculated Approach (via Qpute.com)

The cryptocurrency industry has come a long way since the induction of Bitcoin, over a decade ago. The use of blockchain technology, which has gained widespread traction in almost all industry segments has evolved with plenty of versions with a range of feature additions. However, each of these DLT protocols have some shortcomings, and the sustained effort of the community has been to plug the gaps to come up with a so-called perfect blockchain.

ILCoin is one such platform that has been making some significant changes to the technology. Unlike most of the blockchains out there, the ILCoin’s Command Chain Protocol is already certified quantum-resistant by Palo Alto Networks Partner  – a California based network and enterprise security company. According to the certification, the protocol is Quantum and 51% attack resistant on a sha256 POW based blockchain. This makes ILCoin futureproof as the concept of quantum computing becomes more prevalent.

The Command Chain Protocol (C2P) is an SHA-256 central defensive system that provides users with a secure and efficient blockchain, with teleportation data transmission and massive node system. The ILCoin blockchain itself is a decentralized cloud-based protocol – the world’s first data storage platform on blockchain capable of supporting services off-chain. The ILCoin team’s decision to create a strong and secure DLT protocol is influenced by past industry experiences, including numerous malicious hacking attempts and other security threats. And as stated by the project’s developers, their mission is to break fresh ground in the blockchain sector by creating the one-of-a-kind functional defensive blockchain to ensure the safety and security of applications running on it.

“Our developers have been in the blockchain industry since the very beginning of Bitcoin. They know the different systems, their benefits, and shortcomings — all of which have contributed to the creation of our own blockchain approach. The ILCoin development team has completely redesigned the generic build-up and base concept of blockchain technology, which also proves we are neither a replica nor a “cloned” system.”Norbert Goffa, Executive Manager of ILCoin

In order to get where they currently are, a multidisciplinary team of developers, engineers, economists, marketers and others have worked tirelessly towards a single objective and they continue to do so till perfection is achieved.

Industries Prepared to Change with ILCoin

ILCoin is set to revolutionize plenty of industries, banking to the gaming industry. The platform with a significant transaction speed of 170k TP/block and a more than the decent block size of 25MB, which combined with low fees makes it the right fit for these applications. While the ILCoin blockchain and high-security command chain protocol makes it ideal for the banking sector, the company has forayed into the gaming segment, counting on the successes of FirstBlood and CryptoKitties, both of which have a strong connection to the crypto industry. The idea is to create a decentralized gaming title – the Age of ILCoin with attractive gameplay and payouts in the same token. The game is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

While the platform is based on decentralized ledger technology, many crucial functions concerning mining, development, wallet, explorer, etc., remains centralized to safeguard them from being compromised at any time. The ILCoin ecosystem is spread across multiple platforms and device types with applications designed for cloud, Android, iOS, Windows and web.

What’s Next?

ILCoin is preparing to launch a partner node system, which is currently under development. The system, when launched will issue rewards to the users for either creating Dapps or running full nodes on the decentralized cloud blockchain.

More information about ILCoin is available at – https://ilcoincrypto.com

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