/Quantum Revolution – Here and Now (via Qpute.com)
Quantum Revolution - Here and Now

Quantum Revolution – Here and Now (via Qpute.com)

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The quantum computing revolution is already here, and Israel cannot afford to miss the technology, whose ground-breaking potential resembles the internet revolution. This is the stance of Prof. Uri Sivan, head of Israel’s National Advisory Committee for Quantum Science and Technology set up by the Council for Higher Education’s Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC), and his colleagues, Prof. Moti Segev, and Prof. Gadi Eisenstein.

They emphasize that Israel’s technological leadership is not obvious, but rather it is conditioned by the allocation of budgets at the right time in order to establish the infrastructure of this promising field.

“A global tsunami” has been evident in the world in the quantum field, Prof. Sivan told globes.com.

These are not “improvement” technologies, but a full-fledged disruptive revolution. Quantum-based technologies will include highly secure computers, powerful computing power, new materials with electric, optical and magnetic properties, and more, Technion sources say.

However, in Israel, the government is still negotiating the subject. Indeed, Prime Minister Netanyahu launched a new technological scientific program that will try to turn Israel into a quantum power, similarly to the cyber technology revolution; academic institutions have already defined quantum as a top priority and quantum centers were founded at the Technion and other academic institutes. However, there is an urgent need for massive governmental support before it will be too late, as Prof. Sivan and his colleagues warn.

Attend the Quantum Tech Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS on Nov. 18, 2019, at the Lago Conference Center, Rishon LeZion west. The event will showcase various quantum applications in computing, encryption, cybersecurity, sensors, navigation, etc.

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