/3 Technologies that Could Bring Disastrous Results (via Qpute.com)
3 Technologies to Weaken States

3 Technologies that Could Bring Disastrous Results (via Qpute.com)

We don’t know exactly what will be the impact of the latest technology on our surroundings in the near future but we can at least make an accurate guess. We can’t deny the fact that technology has brought a great revolution across the globe along with so many bad concomitants. The latest technology has almost changed the whole World and of course our living style too. However, this latest technology is apparently bringing improvement in our lives but it is also playing a major role in the destruction of the whole infrastructure. Today, here in my post I am going to share major 3 Technologies that can cause to undermine the infrastructure.

3 Technologies Could Play an Important Role in the Destruction

Quantum Codes breaking, Satellite and artificially altering the weather can be used as war weapons in the future. These three technologies could be used to weaken the states. Let me discuss it with the readers in detail.

  1. Altering weather artificially:

Many countries around the World are altering the weather artificially. For the sake of artificial rain, these countries use the cloud seeding technology to water corps and avoid drought. Cloud seeding involves firing small particles into clouds to make rain. Triging a sudden downpour could have military uses or flood the corps of the enemy’s country that is essential to survive. Cloud seeding planes could play a major role in the spies. Furthermore, large-scale distortion could bring massive disruption.

2. Quantum Code Breaking:

Without encrypting our personal information nothing is safe online from bank accounts to state secrets. In fact, we can not live without it in the digital world. But the most dangerous thing is that quantum computing can make cracking codes easy and fast. That is a major threat to banks, stores, Governments and even the critical services such as hospitals and energy grids.

3. Satellite:

States and companies are competing with each other to make access to space that could confuse or disrupt each other’s satellite. Moreover, space travel will get more affordable for passengers that can lead to more forms of terrorism.

Apparently, these technologies seem to be productive but how much productive? You can make a guess now!

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