/Top 10 Civilian Executives to Watch: Mile Corrigan, Noblis (via Qpute.com)
Top 10 Civilian Executives to Watch: Mile Corrigan, Noblis

Top 10 Civilian Executives to Watch: Mile Corrigan, Noblis (via Qpute.com)

Mile Corrigan

Under Mile Corrigan’s leadership, Noblis’ Federal Civilian Solutions business achieved many important goals in 2018. Corrigan’s most significant achievement is her continued focus on promoting a collaborative, ethical and growth-oriented culture.

In addition to achieving business growth objectives for the FCS business unit, Corrigan’s leadership has resulted in a high retention rate amid a highly competitive talent market in the science and technology sector. She provides leadership, development and mentoring of leaders and early-career staff to achieve sustainable outcomes for Noblis — focusing on the long-term success of the organization.

Corrigan continues to provide transparent and open leadership to employees to enhance the company’s agile, innovative and engaging culture. In 2019, for the sixth year in a row, Noblis was named a top employer among large companies in The Washington Post’s annual “Top Workplaces” list. Noblis ranked 12th overall and was rated as the top professional services firm.

“Innovation is our common thread and our key differentiator across the federal landscape,” Corrigan said. “We’re a dynamic science, technology and strategy organization dedicated to creating forward-thinking technical and advisory solutions in the public interest. Our research and development focus enables Noblis to deliver capabilities ahead of customer mission needs, empowering our clients with cutting edge technology solutions to effectively modernize infrastructure, transform the delivery of digital services, and translate data into actionable information for critical decision-making.”

And Noblis is working in several emerging tech areas, such as quantum computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, software-defined networking, heterogeneous/edge computing, robotic process automation and blockchain.

“Across these areas, we have a proven track record of applying technology at scale to advance our client missions,” Corrigan added.

Why Watch:

An important area of focus for Noblis and Corrigan’s business area is the increased level of connectivity and the rise of self-organizing autonomous systems that will need to coordinate and collaborate across air, space, land and sea. Noblis plans to continue to advance research and technology investments to achieve autonomy at scale.

”We will continue to develop and implement prototype systems using our award-winning Pieces of Eight framework for orchestrated autonomy enabled by blockchain technology,” Corrigan said. The Noblis’ Po8 concept demonstrates how the motions and actions of unfamiliar, connected and autonomous machines can operate in a safer and more productive environment.

Noblis is also in the process of publishing several whitepapers on the current and future state of autonomy, exploring use cases for autonomous systems in adversarial and cooperative environments while addressing cybersecurity and interoperability challenges.

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