/Rome Lab director hails workshop (via Qpute.com)
Rome Lab director hails workshop

Rome Lab director hails workshop (via Qpute.com)

MARCY — A recent Quantum Information Science 1st International Workshop at SUNY Polytechnic Institute that was hosted by Rome Lab drew praise from the lab’s director, said SUNY Poly.

The event last month which included government researchers and industry leaders “provided a forum to strengthen and ignite new collaborations, as well as advance current research areas,” said Col. Timothy J. Lawrence, Rome Lab director, in an announcement Wednesday by SUNY Poly.

Rome Lab is formally known as the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate.

“Recent progress in quantum information science and technology will ultimately lead to revolutionary advances in global technology capabilities,” added Lawrence. Among speakers at the event were Walter G. Copan, Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology and National Institute of Standards and Technology director; Richard J. Joseph, Chief Scientist of the U.S. Air Force; Paul Lopata, Assistant Director of Quantum Science for the Office of Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering; Alexander Cronin, Senior Quantum Coordinator for the National Quantum Coordination Office.

Quantum computing can be up to 100 million times faster than the speed at which an average computer chip operates today according to recent announcements, SUNY Poly has said.

The recent workshop provided “a robust foundation to further catalyze our partnerships in quantum information science and engineering research….,” said SUNY Poly interim President Grace Wang. “SUNY Poly is thrilled that leaders in this critical area of research and development traveled here from across the world to pursue a collaborative pathway to discover new innovations in timing, sensing, communications, networking, and computing that can serve to enable next-generation education and research opportunities for the region and New York State.”

Other countries represented at the workshop included Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and United Kingdom.

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