/New State of Matter Discovered by Physicists (via Qpute.com)
New State of Matter Discovered by Physicists

New State of Matter Discovered by Physicists (via Qpute.com)

Recently, a team of physicists announced that they came across a new state of matter that can set in motion essential advances in quantum computing and device storage. This new state of matter was named topological superconductivity. The topological conductivity can be used to accelerate enormously the way calculations are made.

This team of physicists was comprised of Professor Javad Shabani, which is the leader of the research, his members of the Shabani Lab at New York University, and also another two physicists, Igor Zutic from the University of Buffalo and Alex Matos-Abiague from the Wayne State University. The results of their research can be found in their research paper ‘Phase signature of a topological transition in Josephson Junctions.’

Topological superconductivity was discovered while a team of physicists aimed their attention on quantum bits, or more widely known as qubits.

The New State of Matter Discovered by Physicists

The qubits employed to deal with values in quantum computing. Instead of utilizing the two values of qubits, 0 and 1, the team made use of properties that are usually found in a quantum system, such as electron spin or a photon’s polarization. This procedure is, most times than not, used to boost the volume and velocity of the data processed considerably.

More precisely, the researchers wanted to come up with a way to make use of the Majorana particles, also known as fermions, in an environment that is turbulent and might generate errors. These Majorana particles are fermions that are their own antiparticles and can deposit quantum information in secured computation spaces.

This research concluded in the finding of the topological superconductivity which physicists want to use to create particles that are error-free, secure, and durable without a natural host, to utilize them for computation. While this is only the first stages of the research, the researchers hope for this study to lead to other significant advancements.

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