/Quantum Morning Coffee – 2019/08/27 (via Qpute.com)
Quantum Morning Coffee - 2019/08/27

Quantum Morning Coffee – 2019/08/27 (via Qpute.com)

Quantum technologies are of great interest to Russia. The Russian government has decided to invest, as have the United States and China. But the amounts involved are not known, the partners are close to the army, and the secret is total on the real progress. A set of agreements has been signed in recent months between the government and several related entities. Rosatom, the government agency in charge of atomic energy, is responsible for developing a quantum computer. Rostec, an industrial conglomerate in the electronics field, is in charge of developing quantum sensors. And Rostelecom, a telecommunications company, has started working on secure communications, benefiting from quantum-level encryption.

When TechCrunch, the reference in the world of digital/start-up/tech looks at quantum computing, it is a sign that we have entered a new era, that of application development… and probably with a little bit also of “bullshit”. From scientific conferences to slideware-based pitchs, it’s only a step. The subject will therefore be discussed at TC Sessions early November in San Francisco.

More seriously, the optimization of financial portfolios through the use of quantum algorithms is discussed in a recent academic article published by three IRIF researchers at the CNRS, also researchers at the University of Paris Diderot. An article that highlights the importance of quantum computing in the development of financial mathematics.


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