/1-day AMSB Seminar on CEMA, Quantum Computing held (via Qpute.com)
1-day AMSB Seminar on CEMA, Quantum Computing held

1-day AMSB Seminar on CEMA, Quantum Computing held (via Qpute.com)

Matching the pace of contemporary technologies, a one day Army Management Studies Board (AMSB) Seminar on ‘Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) and Quantum Computing’ was organised at Military College of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE), Mhow under the aegis of Headquarters Army Training Command (ARTRAC) on Thursday.

The event was conducted by MCTE under the leadership of Lt Gen Milind N Bhurke, VSM, Commandant MCTE. Traditionally, Cyber Warfare and Electronic Warfare have been considered as distinct elements of Information Warfare. However, with advances in technology, the convergence between these fields of warfare is increasing. The concept of CEMA integrates and synchronizes the functions and capabilities of computing and telecommunications or in other words the Cyber Space and Electromagnetic environment. Converged application of CEMA will significantly transform all future military operations and planning.

The Seminar also deliberated on the emerging field of Quantum Computing which is being seen as a transformative technology with immense potential for many civilian applications and a game changer for the armed forces, especially in the fields of information and space warfare.

Quantum computers are the newest generation of supercomputers with a new approach to massive parallel processing.

The ambivalent nature and potential of Quantum Computing is particularly relevant in the field of Cryptology.

It is stated as a serious emerging threat to current encryption methods and at the same time promises development of new encryption techniques for unbreakable security systems.

Understanding and exploiting Quantum Computing is therefore becoming an essential requirement for the armed forces with its emergence and impact of transformational nature.

Lt Gen Rajesh Pant, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd), National Cyber Security Coordinator, Lt Gen Rajeev Sabherwal, AVSM, VSM, Signal Officer-in-Chief, Lt Gen Dushyant Singh, PVSM, AVSM, Commandant, Army War College, Lt Gen PN Ananthanarayanan, SM, Commandant Infantry School, senior officers from the Army, Air Force, Navy and subject experts from the three services, academic institutions and industry were among the luminaries who participated in the Seminar.

The Keynote Address of the Seminar was delivered by Lt Gen Rajeev Sabherwal, AVSM, VSM. He highlighted that the ability to leverage both cyberspace and electromagnetic spectrum capabilities as an integrated system will enhance the field commander’s situational awareness of the ‘cyber electromagnetic environment’ and will no doubt act as a ‘force multiplier’ in achieving the desired operational effects.

Speaking on the occasion, Lt Gen Milind N Bhurke, VSM, Commandant MCTE emphasized on the importance of understanding the potential of CEMA and Quantum Computing by all


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