/Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach (Springer) (via Qpute.com)

Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach (Springer) (via Qpute.com)

This book brings together the foundations of quantum computing with a hands-on coding approach. Author Jack D. Hidary is a research scientist in quantum computing at Alphabet X, formerly Google X. Part I outlines the foundations of quantum computing and quantum circuits. Part II looks at quantum computing algorithms and provides code on a range of quantum computing methods in current use. Part III covers the mathematical toolkit required to master quantum computing.

Author: Jack D. Hidary
Publisher: Springer
Date: August 2019
Pages: 379
ISBN: 978-3030239213
Print: 3030239217
Kindle: B07X7NDFLZ
Audience: Developers interested in quantum computing
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Category: LTheory & Techniques


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