/The Progress 1000: London’s most influential people 2019 – Technology: Tech Titans (via Qpute.com)
The Progress 1000: London's most influential people 2019 – Technology: Tech Titans

The Progress 1000: London’s most influential people 2019 – Technology: Tech Titans (via Qpute.com)

Nicola Mendelsohn

VP of Facebook EMEA, Facebook | NEW
Lady Mendelsohn was once described as “the most powerful woman in the British tech industry”. The former ad executive has fought cancer and recently oversaw the opening of the social network’s third London office.

Sunil Singhvi

Head of strategic partnerships, UK and Ireland, Instagram | NEW
His role at the image-sharing social media giant includes helping users get to grips with new features and attract more people to look at their grid. This summer he announced new tools for influencers and creators, such as augmented reality filters, and detailed how artificial intelligence was being deployed to help beat trolls.

Jimmy Wales

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Co-founder, Wikipedia | NEW
The co-founder of most people’s springboard for internet research. Wales, based in Notting Hill, latterly founded news site WikiTribune and campaigned against what he described as “monopolistic” EU copyright laws.

Jonathan Hampson

UK general manager, Zipcar | NEW
For many Londoners, Zipcar is their go-to mode of transport for escaping the city or doing those short hops to stock up at out-of-town retail parks. Hampson is now spearheading Zipcar’s big push towards the car-sharing fleet’s electrification.

Lindsay Herbert

Inventor/digital transformation Leader, IBM | NEW
Herbert’s inventions include a “shop of the future” checkout that is capable of scanning an entire trolley’s worth of items in one go. She is also author of innovation book Digital Transformation and a governor on the Museum of London’s board.

Will Shu

Founder, Deliveroo | NEW
London’s go-to app for sofa comfort food was founded in 2013 by Shu and his childhood friend Greg Orlowski. He still does the odd shift on a bike to check customers are content. The tech unicorn is now valued at more than £1.5 billion.

Christian Freese

General manager EMEA, Jump (Uber) | NEW
Hot on the pedals of rival Lime, Jump launched its park-anywhere red electric bikes in London earlier this year in the hope growing numbers of cyclists will choose this electric alternative to existing docked cycle schemes.

Finlay Clark

UK country manager, Waze | NEW
Clark is responsible for revenue, partnerships and growth of the hugely popular crowd-sourced traffic and navigation app. He joined in 2016 after working at Google and his roles include liaising with Transport for London.

Dr Demis Hassabis

(Matt Writtle)

Founder, DeepMind (Alphabet/Google) | NEW
A chess master at the age of just 13, the north London-born AI pioneer came to public attention when in 2015 his AlphaGo computer programme became the first machine to beat a human professional Go player. Now working on a data-sharing initiative between Google and the NHS to develop AI for healthcare, including analysing eye scans to search for early blindness.

Theo Blackwell

Chief digital officer, Mayor of London | NEW
He is London’s first chief digital officer, having previously been Camden council’s cabinet member for finance, technology and growth, and is helping realise the Mayor’s ambition to make London the world’s smartest city.

Alex Klein

CEO and founder, Kano | NEW
Klein came up for the idea for the global success story after his six-year-old cousin asked for a computer he could build himself. The start-up this year secured a further £14 million funding for expansion, and sells gadgets including a Harry Potter “wand” to help teach children to code.

Dara Nasr

Managing director, Twitter UK | NEW
The former Google executive joined the social network in 2012 to run its sales operation. As well as policing harassment on the platform, Nasr’s duties include liaising with brands to use Twitter for their marketing campaigns.

Russ Shaw

Founder of Tech London Advocates | NEW
This is a not-for-profit independent private sector network of 7,000 tech leaders, experts and investors in London, founded in 2013. Has become one of the most vocal champions for London tech in the industry. Previously held leadership roles in Mobileway, Skype and O2. American born, he moved to London 27 years ago, having met his British wife at Harvard Business School.

Kathryn Parsons

(Daniel Hambury/Stella Pictures)

Founder, Decoded | NEW
Decoded launched in 2012 and by 2016 was teaching coding in 85 cities worldwide, aimed at up-skilling and re-skilling professionals in coding, data, AI and machine learning. Parsons sits on the Prime Minister’s and Mayor of London’s business advisory boards.

Kike Oniwinde

Founder and CEO, BYP Network (Black Young Professionals Network) | NEW
Dubbed the “LinkedIn for black professionals”, the app connects managers and CEOs to young entrepreneurs looking for mentorship, careers advice or collaborations. She’s received £25,000 in funding, has won multiple awards for her app and has 8,000 downloads already.

Dr Ling Ge

Chief European representative at Tencent | NEW
She leads the Chinese tech investment behemoth’s efforts in Europe, focusing on strategic investment and partnerships with technology start-ups, universities, governments and industry around Europe. Dr Ge received her doctorate in quantum computing at Oxford University and then held various leadership roles at Imperial College London. She also serves as a board director and advisory board member for several venture capital and technology firms, providing expertise on areas such as AI, quantum computing and education.

Claire Valoti

International vice-president, Snap Inc | NEW
Valoti grew up at her parents’ bed and breakfast in King’s Cross, and was inspired by their approach to business, seeing how much the hoteliers cared about their customers. She joined Snap in 2016 as general manager, establishing its London office and rose to become its most senior executive outside the US. Ms Valoti has overseen teams developing projects such as Landmarkers, where augmented reality brings London landmarks to life. Her prior roles include head of agency relations at Facebook.

Victor Zhang

President of global government affairs, Huawei Technologies | NEW
Zhang, who runs the Chinese tech giant’s London office, is in charge of global government strategy and building relationships with clients, as well as being tasked with the tricky job of promoting the firm’s 5G technology in Britain amid a privacy backlash. He has been with the firm for more than 20 years, previously holding roles of chief executive of Huawei UK and nearly three years in Brussels as president of its European public affairs and communication wing.

Matt Brittin

President of EMEA Business & Operations for Google
A Cambridge graduate from Surrey, Brittin has been in charge of Google’s business and operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa since 2014.  He also sits on the board of The Climate Group and used to row for Britain.

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