/Lantern Pharma CEO Panna Sharma to Speak at Bio Data World West 2019 (via Qpute.com)
Lantern Pharma CEO Panna Sharma to Speak at Bio Data World West 2019

Lantern Pharma CEO Panna Sharma to Speak at Bio Data World West 2019 (via Qpute.com)

DALLAS and KEARNY, N.J., Oct. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lantern Pharma, a clinical stage oncology biotech leveraging AI and genomics, today announced its Chief Executive Officer, Panna Sharma, will present at the 3rd Annual Bio Data World West 2019 in San Diego, CA.

Sharma will present a talk titled “Creating value through large genomic data sets: how human guided machine learning is used to analyze large patient data sets and develop novel oncology therapies” on Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 11:40 am PT. Sharma will discuss the benefits of machine learning technology, coupled with human expertise, for analyzing a broad range of patient data sets and identifying new oncology therapies. With the goal of improving cancer patient outcomes, Sharma will reference industry use-cases and highlight Lantern’s vision of using machine learning and artificial intelligence to facilitate effective patient stratification and ultimately expand the potential for enhanced oncology therapies.

“Bio Data World West unites leaders across multiple disciplines to have thoughtful discussions on the current state of healthcare and how data-backed technology can lead to better patient care and outcomes,” said Panna Sharma, CEO of Lantern Pharma. “We look forward to leading the conversation around machine learning and its application within drug development, highlighting notable industry achievements as well as Lantern’s progress in the space.”

In its third year, Bio Data World West gathers global leaders spanning AI, data, drug discovery and development, genomics, and quantum computing from pharma, VC, health systems, biotech, academia, research institutes, startups and leading-edge solution providers.

For more information, visit https://www.terrapinn.com/conference/biodata-west/index.stm

About Lantern Pharma

Lantern Pharma is a clinical stage biotech innovating the repurposing, revitalization and development of precision therapeutics in oncology. Lantern leverages advances in machine learning, genomics and artificial intelligence by using a proprietary AI platform to discover biomarker signatures that help identify patients more likely to respond to our pipeline of cancer therapeutics. Lantern’s focus is to improve the outcome for patients by leveraging our technology to uncover, rescue and develop abandoned or failed drugs. Lantern seeks out experienced industry partners, world-class scientific advisors and innovative clinical-regulatory approaches to deliver cancer therapies to patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Lantern’s current therapy product pipeline consists of three drugs, two in clinical stages and one in preclinical, all focusing on cancers that have unique and unmet clinical needs with a clearly defined patient population. Lantern believes that the use of machine learning, genomics and computational methods can help accelerate the development and commercialization of small molecule-based therapies. These drugs can be targeted to patients whose genomic profile identifies them as having the highest probability of benefiting from the drug, thereby achieving better outcomes. For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.lanternpharma.com or view company updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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