/Antonopoulos: “supremacy quantum” does not affect the mining or cryptocurrencies (via Qpute.com)

Antonopoulos: “supremacy quantum” does not affect the mining or cryptocurrencies (via Qpute.com)

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For expert in Bitcoin, quantum computing applies only to certain types of problems.The expert believes that the technology is not so amazing and that is a product of marketing.The so-called “supremacy quantum or quantum computing that develop companies like Google or IBM will not affect mining or cryptocurrencies. At least that is what is considered the expert on blockchains, Andreas Antonopoulos, who through a video on YouTube noted that this technology is still in development and that is not a threat to Bitcoin as a platform.”A lot of people are worried about quantum computing. We are not even close to the same is needed. There is a small possibility that some intelligence agency, within decades or more, is in the ability to take quantum computing. If that is the case, they might do, in the next few decades, things such as cracking the algorithm of digital signatures of Bitcoin”, said Antonopoulos.The evangelist of the cryptocurrencies noted, however, that in a scenario in which Bitcoin could be threatened, there is the possibility of modifying the algorithm of digital signatures and hashes to be resistant to quantum computing and to possible attacks.

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For Antonopoulos quantum computing can solve problems that the computer classic also can be solved. “The quantum can be resolved faster, but it is really difficult to determine if, in fact, the effect of the quantum computation would give a significant advantage to the point where conventional systems would be unable to resolve (problems) in the time”, added the expert.Antonopoulos made public its point of view during a session of questions and answers, then a user check on a report which stated that Google had reached the “supremacy quantum”. This, by solving, in a short time, a problem that computing traditional it would take decades, thanks to the construction of a quantum computer more powerful than the supercomputers the world’s most important.In a possible scenario in the future in which quantum computing would be in the public domain, both on computers such as smartphones, at that point the person can use the computers to perform encryption quantum, which cannot be broken at the time of making a decryption of the quantum, pointed out by the author of the book Mastering Bitcoin.The threat of attack would disappear because the technology would be in common use. The real threat to Antonopoulos would happen if very few people have access to this processing power and nobody was in a position to change the algorithms.The opinion of Antonopoulos includes an aspect that calls the attention, according to which -to be that processing power in the future – an attack on bitcoiners would not be an ideal target if it can be used to protect secrets, like the codes of nuclear weapons.In the past it has also touched the issue of the possibility of an attack on Bitcoin or another network with a processing power of the quantum. However, in 2016, a group of scientists checked the security of the platform against attacks with technology quantum. On this, Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, said in January of this year that Bitcoin can resist the quantum computing.The “supremacy quantum” is a paradigm of computing modern. Provides that the computer classic, as it is known today, will be displaced by this new method of processing that does not work with bits (0 and 1), but with cúbits or quantum bits, which can be 0, 1, or 0 and 1 at the same time, which enhances its capacity of calculation with the number of cúbits that owns the team.

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