/IT leaders share top line predictions for 2020 (via Qpute.com)

IT leaders share top line predictions for 2020 (via Qpute.com)

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With 2020 just around the corner, a handful of IT leaders dished out some pivotal tech predictions they say will have an impact on the IT and business landscape next year. 

Here’s a snapshot of the companies and their top line predictions: 

Stephen Sims, CEO, Brennan IT: Hybrid IT will take centre stage in 2020.

Joel Camissar, regional director of MVISION Cloud Asia Pacific, McAfee: The new security paradigm for 2020.

Mary Sue Rogers, Catalyst, ForPurposeCo.: Technology to change the face of food waste and sustainability.

Jason Baden, regional vice-president, ANZ, F5 Networks: Security concerns will arise amidst open banking and spur on DevSecOps.

Sean Girvin, managing director ANZ, Rackspace: Hybrid Cloud will give rise to a greater need for managed cloud services (MCS).

Gregg Ostrowski, regional chief technology officer, AppDynamics: There’s a business-critical need to meet increasing digital experience expectations.

Mike Featherstone, managing director, ANZ / APAC, Pluralsight: The skills gap will continue to challenge Australian organisations in 2020.

Craig Bastow, senior director worldwide alliances, APAC, Commvault: Interpretation of data is key to driving growth in 2020.

Narayan Iyer, country manager ANZ, Cognizant: Blockchain will facilitate greater transparency; quantum computing will no longer be a theory; banks and fintechs will work together, from the cloud to the edge.

Andrew Filev, CEO, Wrike: Flexible and remote working; digital-fuelled productivity, e-learning, enterprise software platforms and job skills.

Joe Petro, Chief technology officer and executive vice-president, Nuance Communications: Partnerships are the new acquisition; data is the new software; regulations and security will catch up with innovation; horizontal AI knowledge will be ubiquitous but deep; specialised expertise will be critical in breaking new ground.

Let’s dig a little deeper: 

Stephen Sims, CEO, Brennan IT: 

Hybrid IT will take centre stage in 2020

Stephen SimsCredit: Hotwire Global
Stephen Sims

“Over the past decade, many businesses adopted hybrid IT models by accident, rather than design, on their journeys to cloud. This represented a major missed opportunity in terms of understanding how a robust hybrid IT model can maximise existing IT investments while benefiting from cloud and SaaS. 

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