/New Get WIRED app has innovative Experiments feature which reimagines digital storytelling (via Qpute.com)

New Get WIRED app has innovative Experiments feature which reimagines digital storytelling (via Qpute.com)

Global digital agency Isobar has returned as the appointed digital experience agency to update the latest version of the Get Wired app – available on Android and iOS, following the Wired’s 25th anniversary celebrations last year.

The app – which was launched ahead of last year’s memorable event – was a co-creation between Isobar and Wired. Wired readers can save their favourite articles and tune in to the publication’s podcasts as well as easily search for coverage of key topics and technologies, such as facial recognition.

This tool is called Experiment and is part of an ongoing series available on the app. The initial Experiment episode allows users to explore the technology behind facial recognition and the bias that could be perpetuated by it.

The tool enables readers to play with how machines’ recognise and read reality by using their camera to adjust the data available to a neural network. The idea is for the tool to bring to life the subjects discussed in the publication by placing them in the user’s hand.

Experiment is a new form of digital storytelling, using Isobar’s deep technology expertise. Together with Wired’s editors and Brand Lab, as well as with sponsors, readers can now go beyond the magazine pages to find new ways to bring content to life.

Dave Meeker, Isobar US chief innovation officer said, “From a Guide to AR in AR to a Quantum Computing Experiment, the in-app media space is one of the most exciting places for brands to come together with consumers, powered by the prestige and powerful research of the Wired team. It goes beyond brand content, providing branded experiences that connect with Wired’s advanced technological audience in unprecedented ways.”

Download the Get Wired app here for iOs or Google devices.

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