/Amazon Braket: AWS now offers quantum computing as a Service (via Qpute.com)

Amazon Braket: AWS now offers quantum computing as a Service (via Qpute.com)

Amazon Braket

Amazon Web Services now offers quantum computing as a cloud service. There is also a new research center on the subject and a program to establish contact between customers and specialists.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) now offers its customers quantum computing as a service with Amazon Braket. In this way, the provider wants to allow users to experiment with Private Business Cloud Technology.

The new service was announced as part of re: Invent 2019, currently taking place in Las Vegas. AWS Tech evangelist Jeff Barr explains more about Amazon Braket on the AWS News blog:
According to the blog, it is a fully managed service aimed primarily at scientists, researchers, and developers. AmazonTop 100 Onlineshops 2019 Braket intends to give them the opportunity to gain their first experience with quantum computing without having to buy themselves the hardware that was previously quite expensive.

Amazon Braket
Amazon Braket is more than an experimental platform

AWS plans to make Amazon Braket available not only as an experimental platform but also to provide customers with sufficient knowledge of quantum computing. Ultimately, real use cases must be created this way. As Barr also writes in his blog entry, the hardware used comes from D-Wave, IonQ and Rigetti, three private cloud business companies that have focused on the production of special technologies.

Two other announcements from the provider are directly linked to Amazon Braket. One is called AWS Center for Quantum Computing. This is a physically equipped lab at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Quantum computer scientists and engineers will have a joint research laboratory to advance development in the still-young field of technology. The newly created AmazonTop 100 online shop 2019 Quantum Solutions Lab also goes hand in hand with this. The project should allow AWS customers to contact the experts in the research laboratory.

Young technology with potential

AWS is by no means a pioneer with its new offer. Competitors like IBM and Google have also been offering similar services to their users for some time. Quantum computing is still a very young technology field, but could soon become an important component for industry and research. AWS believes that quantum computing could become an exclusive offering for the cloud, as very few companies are willing or able to pay for their own hardware.

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