/Move aside Silicon Valley, Graphene Valley maybe next (via Qpute.com)

Move aside Silicon Valley, Graphene Valley maybe next (via Qpute.com)


Technological advances have been driving the course of history. If you haven’t heard of graphene by now, in the coming years you certainly will. Graphene will be appearing in phones, batteries, wearables and other technology.

Graphene is a thin layer of pure carbon atoms tightly packed in a honeycomb structure. Graphene has a number of unusual and desirable properties; including being extraordinarily thin, strong, flexible, and conductive. With a tensile strength of 130 GPa it is more than 100 times stronger than steel.

Some of graphene’s amazing uses – Goodbye Silicon Valley, hello Graphene Valley.

  • Graphene is poised to help a quantum leap in new computerized technology such as quantum computing. Today’s electronic devices rely on silicon, but transistors made of silicon are fast approaching the minimum size at which they can be effective. This means the speed of our devices will soon hit maximum and it may not be long before graphene replaces silicon used in semiconductors for our electronic devices, making them faster than ever before.
  • Green Energy (hydrogen economy, solid-state batteries, fuel additives, and graphene aerogel batteries). Graphene based lithium-ion batteries and anodes help increase energy density and lifespan, as well as faster charging. Samsung Electronics has been active in this area. Imagine if your cell phone battery can fully charge in under 30 minutes.
  • Graphene to lightweight and strengthen autos. Ford is already using graphene reinforced parts in production cars. The new Tesla Cybertruck and Space X rocket uses a stainless steel proprietary blend that is super strong, which makes me wonder if graphene is used?
  • Graphene advanced materials – Graphene making concrete, plastics and composites stronger and lighter; making high-capacity wires and antennae faster and more durable.
  • Cleantech – Desalination, water purification, heavy metal removal, CO2 upgrading.
  • Some other new ideas out there include graphene high performance tires, graphene composite heat-shields for cell phones or laptops, graphene lined clothes to add strength or protect against mosquitoes biting. Given the global deaths from mosquitoes spreading disease this could be huge.

Graphene tires were used at the Tour de France

ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. (TSXV: ZEN) is focused on producing graphene-enhanced materials for next-level performance. In collaboration with several academic and industrial partners, ZEN continues to develop new graphene production processes and novel applications which utilize the high-purity graphite precursor material. ZEN sources the graphene precursor graphite from their Albany Graphite Project. Albany graphite converts easily to high value graphene due to its unique characteristics.

ZEN and research partner DLR have developed a graphene aerogel for batteries

ZEN and its research partner Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft-und Raumfahrt (DLR, the German Aerospace Centre) have reported on further encouraging results from their battery development program led by a team at the University of British Columbia. The team has created a graphene aerogel composite anode material using a proprietary aerogel formulation.

The graphene aerogel sponge promises a battery boost as researchers in Sweden have used a graphene aerogel to develop a lithium sulfur (Li-S) battery that retained 85 percent capacity after 350 cycles. Graphene containing aerogels could have the potential to be a low-cost, low-weight, high-performance composite materials for near-future energy storage applications.

ZEN’s graphene enhances the performance of aluminum casting alloys

ZEN is also encouraged from preliminary results from the University of British Columbia using ZEN’s graphene to enhance the performance of aluminum casting alloys. Mixing small volumes of graphene with an aluminum powder resulted in a significant increase in the electrical conductivity of the material. Graphene enhanced aluminum conductivity would have vast industrial applications.

ZEN Graphene Solutions multiple Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing Agreements

On commenting on ZEN’s new IP agreements CEO Francis Dubé commented: “These three Canadian universities are contributing significantly to unlocking the value of the Albany Graphite deposit and creating a strong intellectual property foundation for the company. We are happy to bring investment dollars, both directly and indirectly, via various grants to these academic partners and will continue to support research opportunities in the exciting field of nanoscience.”

ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. is actively exploring further opportunities while seeking out new applications for this seemingly ‘magical material’ as the promise of high-quality graphene will impact a wide range of industries in the years to come.

With research in graphene continuing, don’t be surprised if the next big thing will be discovered from this magical material sourced from ZEN Graphene Solutions IP or their highly sought-after graphene precursor material. In 2020 they plan to offer sales at lab levels to several customers in a handful of industries.

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