/Merck to present solutions for advancing digital living at CES 2020 (via Qpute.com)

Merck to present solutions for advancing digital living at CES 2020 (via Qpute.com)

Merck will present its latest leading-edge materials for the electronics industry at CES 2020 to promote digital living, according to the company.

“CES 2020 is the place to be for innovation and we are proud to present our exceptional solutions for the electronics industry at this venue,” said Kai Beckmann, member of the Executive Board of Merck and CEO for Performance Materials. “The data explosion era is well underway, and with our materials and solutions, we are enabling the electronics industry to harness it. We are the company behind the companies advancing digital living. At CES 2020, we will demonstrate how our high-tech solutions are helping to take technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, Internet of Things as well as autonomous driving and smart cities to the next level.”

Smart city

AI and IoT are the digital backbone of smart cities, according to Merck, and new technologies such as 5G including implementation with liquid crystal smart antennas are paramount to create true connectivity. At CES 2020, visitors will have the chance to learn how materials solutions from Merck are shaping the smart cities of the future, making storage, processing and data transfer much faster and more efficient. They can also experience innovative dynamic liquid crystal windows that can be shaded within a second, contributing to energy efficiency and the smart city concept.

The future of displays

At CES 2020, Merck said it will showcase the future of displays. Today, displays are the central interface between man and machine, and new display forms will make it possible to completely redefine long-established device paradigms. Merck said it is fueling the next breakthroughs in new, highly advanced liquid crystal technologies.

An example is the eco-friendly and efficient technology SA-VA (self-aligned vertical alignment) for large-area displays, allowing an immersive experience without the distraction of a bulky frame, said Merck. The first TVs with SA-VA are expected on the market in 2020. In the rapidly evolving OLED display field, Merck is driving the foldable revolution by developing higher performing OLED stacks for OLED manufacturers around the world as well as actively working on next-generation OLED device fabrication via ink jet printing.

Quantum computing and neuromorphic computing

Quantum computing is poised to disrupt traditional computing methods for new applications in financial services, pharmaceutical research, logistics, quantum chemistry, and machine learning. SeeQC is commercializing the world’s fastest superconducting rapid single flux quantum logic that can be directly bonded to the quantum chip and placed in the cryogenic fridge, said Merck, adding that visitors to CES 2020 can learn from SeeQC founder and CEO John Levy how, together with Merck, SeeQC is solving high-impact problems.

To support advances in AI, Merck is partnering with MemryX, a US-based startup that designs brain-inspired computer chips for AI applications. Neuromorphic chips promise higher energy efficiency and computational power by using massively parallelized computing pathways and new functional devices for simultaneous storage and computation, in analogy to the neurons in the human brain.

Revolutionizing semiconductor manufacturing

The digital revolution is disrupting every industry and changing our lives at exponential speed. To push the industry forward and realize the various systems of the future, advances in semiconductor technology are critical, said Merck. With the acquisition of Versum Materials, Merck has broadened its portfolio of solutions. With the acquisition of Intermolecular and additional capabilities in rapid materials screening, Merck said it can now offer customers faster materials innovation through parallel composition experiment and full performance testing and characterization.

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