/8 inspiring healthtech startups you should know about in 2020 (via Qpute.com)

8 inspiring healthtech startups you should know about in 2020 (via Qpute.com)

Innovation is one of the key aspects that make healthcare future proof. Eventually, several new and budding startups that come up with new concepts in areas such as care delivery, prevention, etc. find a place in the successful healthcare industry. As the future of healthtech needs such aspirational startups, the Amsterdam health & technology institute (ahti) and the Startupbootcamp founders collaborated to form a joint venture called HealthInc.

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Detailing on this joint venture, Ahti will deploy its expertise and know-how and Startupbootcamp will use its experience in hosting various successful accelerator programs. Well, they are launching an accelerator program to support both startups and scaleups in the healthtech industry.

Called HealthInc 2020 program, it will be hosted in Amsterdam in February this year. And, it has selected 8 companies from the top 16 teams that made it to the Selection Days in the Dutch capital on January 14 and 15 after a period of three months and shortlisting nearly 200 applications from across the United States and Europe.

These 8 startups will be subjected to three months of intensive training wherein they will get masterclasses, mentorship, strategic guidance, investment, and business opportunities. The accelerator program will culminate in May with a Demo Day, where the 8 teams will be invited to present their work to investors, mentors, partners, and media. These 8 startups are briefed below for a better understanding of what they actually do.

Picture credits: EasyLabs

Easylabs (Canada)

Founders: Yaron Lohr, Tom Petersil

What it does: Easylabs specialises in innovative diagnostic testing, support, and analytics solutions. The company’s unique approach provides comprehensive, meaningful, and accurate information about the patients’ health so that healthcare providers achieve better clinical outcomes. Its lab results interpretation platform in multiple languages and from multiple perspectives for improved preventive care.

Picture credits: OncoChain

OncoChain (Romania)

Founder: Mădălin Margan
Founded year: 2019

What it does: OncoChain builds an innovative oncology EHR integrating blockchain and Artificial Intelligence solutions to facilitate patient-centered care. The company aims to improve the quality of medical care provided for oncologic patients with its innovative solutions. Its software platform connects patients with CROs, care providers, research centres, and pharmaceutical companies.

Picture credits: MedicPad

MedicPad (Romania)

Founders: Elena Unciuleanu, Mihai Draghici, Diana Mereu, Olimpiu Balas
Founded year: 2019

What it does: MedicPad manage patients intake process and medical records using cloud-based software. It helps medical professionals save time, digitise medical records, and improve care quality using its cloud-based management platform and mobile apps. MedicPad works closely with medical teams to align patient intake strategy as well as efficiency goals to deploy customised and advanced applications and patient management systems.

Picture credits: Akila

Akila Labs (US)

Founders: Prakash Hosalli, Lakshmi Anantharamu
Founded year: 2017

What it does: Akila uses Artificial Intelligence to provide personalised cognitive coaching with recommendations and real-time insights. It fits into various roles such as a personal trainer, nurse, counselor, nutritionist, and personal assistant. Akila will help reverse pre-diabetes with its solution. All that users have to do is set goals with a deeper understanding of their health.

Picture credits: miiCare

miiCARE (UK)

Founder: Kelvin Summoogum
Founded year: 2018

What it does: miiCARE develops AI-based assistive technology for the elderly people with needs and empowers them to bring peace of mind to their loved ones and safeguard their independence. Its device combines Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and blockchain to form a system that is proactive and non-intrusive in preventing situations such as falls and lets them feel more comfortable and safer in their homes.

Picture credits: AIDA Diagnostics

AIDA Diagnostics (Poland)

Founder: Mateusz Pawełczuk
Funding: €180k
Founded year: 2019

What it does: AIDA Diagnostics helps make the best possible decision in blood management. It focuses on implementing systems that reduce costs due to frequent medical procedures. Its AI-based innovative system analyses the current results of laboratory tests, significantly reduce the pricing of blood therapy and optimises the storage process.

Picture credits: ApexQubit

ApexQubit (Latvia)

Founder: Denis Farnosov
Founded year: 2018

What it does: ApexQubit is developing a second-generation platform powered by quantum computing for drugs engineering. It will help pharmaceutical companies to create new drugs and automate the drug discovery process.

Purple Gaze (Russia)

Founder: Kirill Korotaev
Founded year: 2019

What it does: The Russia-based startup Purple Gaze is an early-stage company providing eye-tracking solutions. As of now, there is not much information about this startup that will participate in the HealthInc 2020 Program. We will update further details as we get more information.

Main image picture credits: HealthInc

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