/Next Platform Radio: 3/2/20 Edition (via Qpute.com)

Next Platform Radio: 3/2/20 Edition (via Qpute.com)

Supply Chain Impacts, HPC Investments, Event Disruptions

It is difficult to ignore the mounting impacts of supply chain disruption worldwide with the coronavirus crisis. This will have impacts in everyday life for many, but we wanted to understand what it could mean, especially if the situation doesn’t resolve for a few months, for the production of everything from server motherboards to more complex system elements.

To that end we speak with Paul Teich, analyst with Liftr Insights (and Next Platform contributor) about what he sees as most relevant for the entire systems ecosystem. He also discusses the opportunity for cloud service providers to have some distinct advantages.

Listen to this segment on today’s Next Platform Radio for March 3, 2020.

“We scanned the top four clouds monthly for all their IaaS offerings, see what’s new, what drops off the price list and get some macroeconomic insight and see the datacenter investment for those clouds.

Teich says that in the next few months there will likely be a slowdown in deployments among the top four cloud vendors, especially as they have already worked through their current inventories. If there’s a slowdown in the supply chain it will be a considerable slowdown. After compound monthly growth rate for those cloud providers of 3-4% growth in the last few months alone, it could be a substantial hit to clouds if the supply chain can’t continue to enable growth.

He adds that there are many complications, including word that it’s more difficult to get the chemicals used to make printed circuit boards new chips are shipped on, same with passives like resistors. “It’s at the low end of the supply chain where we’re hearing about supply chain slowdowns like this,” Teich says.

In addition, we start the program today by reviewing some key items from the news, including a couple of noteworthy HPC wins for both Intel and AMD, some quantum computing partnerships set to further work at CERN and build the bridge toward quantum Monte Carlo simulations, and also touch on Dell’s recent Q4 and full year 2019 outcomes.

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Our apologies for the lengthened news segment. Shorter pieces with longer pauses is not the norm but the host was voice-limited for this episode.

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