/Alibaba launches 5G research lab (via Qpute.com)

Alibaba launches 5G research lab (via Qpute.com)

Alibaba’s scientific research arm Damo Academy has opened the XG Lab to study next-generation network communication technologies. The new lab will focus on the collaborative development of 5G services and applications, including video codecs and network transmission protocols for 5G services, China.org reports. Alibaba’s XG Lab will also formulate the relevant standards.

Damo Academy reports it will leverage Alibaba’s application ecosystem to develop its research on UHD video, online office, AR/VR, industrial internet, smart logistics and autonomous driving. Zhang Ming, who oversees the intelligent network automation and research at Alibaba Cloud, has been appointed as XG Lab director.

Set up in 2017, the Damo Academy has already opened 15 labs for scientific research of voice, intelligent computing, autonomous driving, and quantum computing. 

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