/Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020 (via Qpute.com)

Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020 (via Qpute.com)

Over the last year alone, the integration of several emerging technologies into different industries continued changing the way we communicate and conduct business. For instance, mobile technology had a major impact on different market, causing an increase in the benefits we are offered, like the “Apuestas de caballos en nueva Jersey” which like many sites, embraced the technology. Other like industrial intelligence and A.I. development brought us to the down of the fourth industrial revolution. 

Here’s a list of the top 10 technology trends that will impact our lives in 2020.

A.I. Breakout in Manufacturing

Driven by the emerging device ecosystem, artificial intelligence is now part of our daily life. In 2020, computer vision and emotion recognition will scale, and A.I. will break out in the manufacturing sector. Today, several U.S startups like Osaro, Kindred, and Vicarious are already spearheading the use of A.I. technology in manufacturing.

Higher Demand For Edge Computing Hardware

With larger A.I. models and better sensors being available, 2020 will see an increase in demand for higher performance edge computing hardware. That’s because there’s a growing need to process more data and make decisions without sending it to the cloud.

Practical Deployment Of IoT

While the Internet of Things is among the hottest technologies on the market, there aren’t many mainstream applications, as many experts predicted. Nonetheless, you can expect that to change in 2020 with the development of 5G networks.

Mass Commercialization Of Quantum Computing

2020 will mark the beginning of the quantum computing era. This technology will aim at solving the most prominent data problems in industries like energy and healthcare. That will give organizations the power to handle the enormous amounts of data required for DNA analysis, cancer treatment, and nuclear energy control.

New Internet Era

As 5G competition between China and the U.S. takes center stage in 2020, 5G networks will be propelled into mass production faster than you can imagine. As a result, over 2500 satellites are expected to be launched in 2020, marking a new era for broadband internet.

Evolution Of Aerospace Technologies

As humans begins their journey back to space in 2020, aerospace technologies are expected to go through a revolution. Notably, companies like Blue Origin and SpaceX are making aerospace advancements, also aiming to change intercontinental trips. The Chinese government is also collaborating with the private sector to make progress in the space.

Agricultural Evolution

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In agriculture, companies offering products using big data, computer vision, and A.I. will stand out in 2020. As the year unfolds, it will become a common practice to monitor crop growth using computer vision and harvesting with robots.

Autonomous Driving Evolution

Though autonomous driving has remained a hot topic over the last five years, fully autonomous vehicles are yet to be produced. Tesla has already produced vehicles that support autopilot mode on the highway, though that’s only possible with driving support or operated by a human driver in case of an emergency.

China And The U.S Puts The Blockchain Technology Into Practical Use

As the blockchain technology continues to grow, security venture companies like Chainalysis are attracting attention. This year, major institutions worldwide will adopt blockchain technology to prevent internet fraud and mass information leakage. 

Healthcare Evolution

With the theme of preventing diseases, digital health care is experiencing lots of innovations. In the U.S., startups like Color and 23andMe lead in genome analysis, aiming to learn more about diseases and how to prevent them. Additionally, A.I. will also contribute to better treatment quality in 2020.

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