/‘Devs’ Episode 4 promo sees Lily in danger, proving last episode’s theory about she being a threat to Amaya (via Qpute.com)

‘Devs’ Episode 4 promo sees Lily in danger, proving last episode’s theory about she being a threat to Amaya (via Qpute.com)

As we progress deeper into the inner workings of ‘Devs’ we see that the series is turning out to be a full-blown murder thriller wrapped in a very solid sci-fi premise. While there is a lot of scientific concepts to grasp and futuristic innovations to explore, you cannot deny that at the bottom of everything, there is a hunt for a killer. It’s a whole different thing that the killer is already revealed at the very beginning and the thrill of it now lies in the hunt itself. And along the way, there will more secrets to reveal, much collateral damage, and lives at stake.

Take Lily for instance. In an outline, her story is simple; her boyfriend goes missing, she starts searching for him and finds out that he was killed, also that he was a spy. But the whys and how of the freak incident is still a mystery. In order to find out more, Lily takes bold steps and starts a search into the most powerful tech giant of the country.

As we had also theorized in the previous episode (3), with the predictive algorithm Forest could track her every step and action. As such, no matter what she tries to do to find all the details about her boyfriend, Sergei’s killer, Amaya will always be one step ahead of her. This made us guess that Lily’s life might be at risk. Now, with the promo reveal of the upcoming episode 4, our speculation proves to be right. Although we don’t see Forest using the program to track Lily, she is still at risk for her life, from what we learn from the car chase scene in the trailer.

If it’s not a car accident, there’s always Kenton (Amaya’s chief of security) who would leave no stone unturned to have a hawk-eye watch on Lily. In the previous episode he did ask Forest to send her to a therapist. So in the upcoming episode, we might see her visiting a psychiatrist (even if it’s a ruse on her part). And we are pretty sure that whatever she talks is going to be relayed to Kenton and/or Forest. And knowingly or unknowingly, she might let slip some information which could become compromising for her and hence, the threat.

Elsewhere, there is a stir among the developers/programmer of Devs, who start questioning the intention and ethics of the program. This could lead to some disagreements between the team and Forest.

From building an extraordinary, high-end quantum computing program to killing a grieving employee, and hiding major government secrets, Amaya is turning out to be a dangerous place for its staff.


‘Devs’ episode is scheduled to air on Thursday March 19, 2020 on Hulu.

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