/Tech reality check: business must move beyond the hype on digital technology (via Qpute.com)

Tech reality check: business must move beyond the hype on digital technology (via Qpute.com)

CBI / Accenture research reveals that technology investment is shifting up a gear. Next on businesses’ investment horizon are technologies at the cutting edge of innovation: distributed ledger technology (DLT) like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and quantum computing.

All three of these technologies have the potential to transform how we do business. AI in particular already is: the technology has been embedded by 33% of businesses, and is changing the game from sectors like law, where it’s improving how millions of documents are analysed, to the financial services, where it’s helping to combat increasingly sophisticated money laundering and fraud threats.

But cutting-edge tech isn’t a universal answer. It can be hard to separate the hype from the reality and work out whether you would really benefit from familiar or emerging technologies. What’s more, successful technology adoption doesn’t rely on just technology: it also requires factors like involving employees in innovation or understanding technology ethics, which can be a challenge.

That’s why the CBI has created an exclusive member guide, in partnership with Accenture. Based on the latest evidence and engagement with senior business leaders, we reveal where businesses are struggling to get the most out of their tech investments – and the practical steps you can take to avoid common pitfalls.

The CBI is helping to drive change so that the UK can lead in emerging tech

To create a thriving ecosystem for key emerging technologies, CBI is calling for a pro-innovation regulatory environment that attracts companies to come to the UK, test new innovations here, and scale for long term success. The government must take a leading role to stimulate research and investment into new technologies like AI, quantum computing, and DLT, with a greater focus on horizon scanning.

The CBI’s new practical guide will help your business move beyond the hype and get more from your technology

In partnership with Accenture, the CBI’s exclusive member guide, Tech Reality Check, will help you understand:

  • The three technology trends your business should be aware of
  • Common ‘digital dilemmas’ and how you can address them through case studies, best practice, and expert insights
  • Real life opportunities and advice on three of the cutting-edge technologies that could impact your business: DLT, AI, and quantum computing.

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