/Startups seeking new opportunities from Covid-19 (via Qpute.com)

Startups seeking new opportunities from Covid-19 (via Qpute.com)

The outbreak of the Covid-19 has certainly disrupted the startup ecosystem, giving a tough time to entrepreneurs to cope up with the current lockdown situation. Yet considering the fact that how dynamic and innovative they are, it is natural to expect some incredible innovations from them. For a matter of fact,the industry is availing this as an opportunity to probe the potential of the aspirant go-getters to establish new-fangled ideas and approaches which can be used the greatest pandemic of the decade. In light of which, the department for industry and industrial trade and startup India has organized a competition for budding entrepreneurs to develop effective measures and inventions that can aid each one to put the lid on this corona crisis. Interestingly, a large number of innovators are accepting this challenge to pilot study their expertise.

The Focus Areas

The lockdown has put everything on pause and the extremity we are facing at this moment is the instability between the demand and supply of essential items. This mayhem is causing great headache for both the supplier and the consumers. However, many small and leading startups have stepped forward to mitigate this gap and accelerate the supply of medicine, groceries, and other necessities. Several companies have made a collaborative approach to mitigate this gap.

The major domain which is enduring a challenging time is the healthcare sector of our country. The Covid-19 outbreak has for sure created a severe havoc in various medical centres. From the rising demand of appropriate medical kits to having accommodation for positive patients have caused great strain on the medical men of the country. In this scenario too, startups have showcased their dab hands by devising prodigious technologies, devises and solutions to caterboth precautionary and treatment needs. The innovators have availed the technology strengths such as AI, health sciences, space, quantum computing, blockchain, energy and oceans. Startups are very much on their toes to craft constructive and best suiting provisions to measure up to or rather prevent any further desolation of the novel virus. Thermal scanning devices and rapid diagnostic kits, critical-care equipment including portable oxygenators and home-based ventilators are some of the devices invented  to monitor and control the spread of the new coronavirus.

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is helping startups to give shape to their efforts and manufacture diagnostic testing, vaccine development, remote care and telemedicine.On the other hand the other sectors are all set to reap benefits from virtual work, talent re-training, remote equipment operation, automation and food production and supply.

If reports are to be believed, Startup India is in strategizing to build one-stop repository of innovative solutions that would be easily accessible by the government as well as the private sector for further development and deployment. This will be introduced on a wider platform .i.e. India Business Immunity Platform. This will make information about the India’s fight against Covid-19 accessible to the startup community, investors and stakeholders.

Several investors have also come forward to lend financial assistance these startupsthat are endeavouring towards this noble cause. The nation has come together as a force to overcome this national catastrophe.


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