/What is quantum computing?” – IBM Developer (via Qpute.com)

What is quantum computing?” – IBM Developer (via Qpute.com)

For this new online event, we offer you the first part of a series of three on quantum computing.

We will be lucky to have with us Jean-Michel Torrès, Project Manager at the IBM Q Hub in Montpellier.
Briefly, the “IBM Q Hub” offers IBM’s quantum computing solutions to companies, public actors, researchers and teachers in France.

Are you interested in quantum computing?
Do you simply want to learn a few concepts?
This series is for you!

Agenda of the part (1/3) :
a- Why is this technology called quantum computing?
b- Why is it being talked about so much nowadays?
c- What are the possible cases of use?
(illustration: view of a Chemistry and/or Artificial Intelligence notebook)
d- Is she a threat to cryptography? Can it jeopardize data security?
e- What does IBM offer in this area?

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