/MEGVII, Yitu, Iflytek AI Technology Anti Epidemic Enabling, WIMI Focuses on AI Visual Digital Processing – Press Release (via Qpute.com)

MEGVII, Yitu, Iflytek AI Technology Anti Epidemic Enabling, WIMI Focuses on AI Visual Digital Processing – Press Release (via Qpute.com)

The novel coronavirus guidelines issued by the Ministry of industry and information has been published by the Ministry of industry and commerce. It is proposed to further embody the energy efficiency of artificial intelligence, organize research and production forces, and make priority in tackling key problems related to the prevention and control of epidemic diseases. We will increase efforts in scientific research, make use of artificial intelligence technology as soon as possible to make up for the shortcomings in epidemic control technology, and rapidly promote industrial production and application services. Optimize AI algorithm and computing power, and assist in drug research and development such as virus gene sequencing, vaccine / drug development, protein screening, etc. Summarizing the application of technology companies in AI technology, scientific research, epidemic prevention and control, remote office, online education and other fields have achieved initial results.

In fact, artificial intelligence has been applied in epidemic prevention and control and achieved results. Domestic AI Unicorn enterprises have their own exhibition directors, and urgently organize personnel to use AI technology to help epidemic prevention and control.

The first intelligent image evaluation system in the industry

Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia intelligent image evaluation system was officially launched on the basis of the new Shanghai crown pneumonia clinic, the Shanghai public health clinical center.

It is reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia is one of the difficulties in the prevention and control of epidemic diseases, which is a high shortage of medical resources, and a lack of rapid diagnosis and treatment capabilities. It is difficult to achieve rapid accurate diagnosis and triage, resulting in congestion and panic in some areas.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first AI intelligent product to evaluate the new type of coronavirus pneumonia in the industry. The traditional manual method of delineation of ROI is often used for 5-6 hours. The new AI system can detect the lesion automatically and achieve quantitative analysis within 2-3 seconds, which greatly improves the efficiency of accurate quantitative analysis.

As a newly developed medical system, what is the effect? The official account of the novel coronavirus pneumonia clinic in Shanghai in February 4th released its latest results in the use of the new AI system. Data show that the quantitative analysis of the system is similar to the results of the doctors by comparing the AI system with the results of the evaluation of more than 70 cases of new crown pneumonia cases in doctors. (R=0.87, p<0.001) shows the high quality of diagnostic quality.

To win the novel coronavirus pneumonia, according to the promise, YITU medical is willing to upgrade the new crown pneumonia imaging products to the designated hospitals for free until the end of the epidemic. Doctors will be free to all medical institutions and governments at all levels.

15 people in one second, megvii online AI temperature measurement solution

Megvii officially launched AI temperature measurement system, and launched pilot application in Haidian government hall and some Metro stations in Haidian District.

According to megvii, the system adopts the innovative solution of “human body recognition + human image recognition + infrared / visible light dual sensing”, and its research and development focus is more on the remote temperature measurement accuracy and the availability of high-density human flow. Megvii said that compared with the traditional temperature measurement screening method, the recognition efficiency is higher, the temperature can be measured without contact, and the recognition error is less than 0.3 ℃.

It is reported that through the front-end infrared camera to identify the high-temperature personnel in the flow of people, and then according to the human body and face information of the suspected fever, through AI technology, it can assist the staff in various public places and other high-density personnel flow scenes to quickly locate the temperature abnormal people, realize the non touch intensive AI assisted temperature sensing solution for the flow of people, and solve the traffic effect in open places after the epidemic is stable Rate and controllability.

Specifically, first of all, megvii carried out a special model optimization for masks. Even when masks and hats cover a large area of the face, the system can also help staff quickly screen the passing crowd, and the public does not need to take off the protection or queue up.

The other feature of the system is that it can support non-contact remote temperature measurement of more than 3 meters, and it will automatically alarm in case of suspected heating personnel. Megvii R & D personnel said that the intelligent suspected high heat alarm bandwidth of the system can reach 15 people in one second, and a set of system can deploy 16 channels, basically ensuring a subway port control. In this way, with the help of AI system, only one staff member can control the site for the channel with large traffic.

IFLYTEK distance education, no suspension

During the epidemic, iFLYTEK also gave full play to its advantages and announced to support schools in Hubei Province to carry out independent online teaching services free of charge.

Among them: intelligent teaching assistant can provide teachers with personal teaching assistant for lesson preparation and distance teaching; intelligent air classroom uses Internet as the medium to build online classroom and realize distance teaching. All teaching contents can be recorded for students to learn independently after class; the system also provides synchronous homework for courses, and feeds back students’ practice in real time through learning situation analysis to help teachers realize remote and accurate teaching.

In addition, iFLYTEK uses artificial intelligence to assist the police department in helping the government to effectively control the flow of personnel in the affected areas. Cooperate with the public security organs of Hubei, Anhui, Chongqing, Guangxi and Tibet to carry out epidemic prevention work. IFLYTEK has also used artificial intelligence assisted medical treatment to build a grass-roots epidemic defense line, assist grass-roots doctors in epidemic screening, prevention and control and epidemic prevention knowledge publicity and education. Now, iFLYTEK has followed up 3.87 million people in 15 provinces and cities, including Anhui, Hubei, Zhejiang, Beijing, analyzed 2.42 million outpatient medical records and provided analysis reports to public epidemic prevention departments. It also empowers the national grass-roots medical treatment through speech synthesis technology train.

Significant visual visualization of WIMI AI

AI face recognition accurate thermometer can easily solve this problem, AI face recognition senseless temperature measurement is more intelligent and accurate. It combines the accurate temperature measurement technology of thermal imaging with the technology of visible face recognition, automatically eliminates the factors that interfere with the temperature measurement of human body, only measures the temperature of the forehead of human face, and displays the temperature on the real color face image in real time. To make the face and temperature visible in real time, so as to solve the problem that the original thermal imaging temperature measurement only sees the temperature but not the person.

As the WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) represented by holographic AI vision in China, it is reported that WIMI micro beauty holography covers many aspects of holographic AR technology, including holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising, holographic arsdk payment, 5g holographic communication software development, holographic face recognition development, holographic AI face change development, etc Station service capability.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) focuses on the computer vision holographic cloud service. Its product layout and business application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five professional fields, such as home entertainment, light field cinema, performance system, commercial publishing system and advertising display system.

Compared with the domestic counterparts, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) has established a comprehensive holographic AR content library. The format of holographic AR content covers from 3D model to holographic short video.

The company independently developed and established the world’s top deep learning platform and Supercomputing Center, and launched a series of leading artificial intelligence technologies, including face recognition, image recognition, text recognition, medical image recognition, video analysis, driverless and remote sensing.

WIMI R & D team independently developed a comprehensive holographic application platform, which includes holographic audio-visual integrated operation, holographic advertising service, holographic media asset management and platform level holographic data management and holographic interactive system, holographic recognition system, holographic label system, holographic tracking system, holographic capture system and holographic analysis system.

In 2020, Alibaba Damo academy released the “2020 top ten technology trends white paper”. As the top Internet technology enterprise in China, it naturally attracted attention from all walks of life. Looking back on the development of science and technology in 2019, Damo successfully predicted the rise of AI chips, the birth of smart cities, and the emergence of 5g as a new application scenario. This year, new breakout points will focus on AI, chip, cloud computing, blockchain, industrial Internet, quantum computing and other fields, and there will be disruptive technological breakthroughs. Among them, AI artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the most important computing power demand side and technology tractor in the future, ranking first in the top ten technological trends in 2020!

Under the new trend of artificial intelligence technology in 2020, 3D sensor technology and its application scenarios will give birth to a broader market prospect, integrate the technological development of AI, 5g and big data, and integrate seamlessly into the smart city and daily life scenarios in the future, which is bound to usher in a huge growth point and breakout point.

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