/Every Episode Of The First Season, Ranked (According To IMDb) (via Qpute.com)

Every Episode Of The First Season, Ranked (According To IMDb) (via Qpute.com)

Science fiction thriller shows about hidden secrets, missing people and the creation of AI with unsurmountable possibilities makes for good tv. The new miniseries, Devs by Hulu takes you on a new AI thriller worth watching.

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Starring Nick Offerman and Sonoya Mizuno, Lily Chan (Mizuno) and her boyfriend work Amaya, a quantum computing company run by Forest. One day, her boyfriend magically disappears. “It sort of explores the question of what do we human beings do when faced with vast powers,” explained Offerman. With the first season already out, let’s take a look at the episodes rankings and see which ones hit the top fo the list. Warning, there are mild spoilers ahead.

8 Episode 5  (7.6)

Katie (Alison Pill), the lead designer of the Devs program, witnesses events from various points in time of the members in the company. She starts to witness key moments in people’s lives ranging from Lily’s past memories with her father, Sergei (Karl Glusman) and Lily admitting their love for one another to Forest’s  (Offerman) tragic past.

The episode gets a considerably high ranking as it delves deeper into the personal lives of the shows main characters. But in reality, Katie uses the Devs system for her own selfish needs and to get an upper hand.

7 Episode 3 (7.7)

The purpose of Devs isn’t widespread knowledge to those in the Amaya company and outsiders. Forest is visited by Senator Laine (Janet Mock) who questions him about the program hoping to use it for government purposes. The episode gets high ratings as Lily’s suspicion about Sergei’s disappearance gets more concrete.

She entrusts her suspicion with her co-workers, who advise her to take it up with Kenton (Zach Grenier). The episode takes a turn that has audiences worried, but in reality, it’s a ploy to find out the truth.

6 Episode 6 (7.9)

The truth of the Devs system is reveled in episode six of the season and makes for a tense environment. Lily realizes the only way to find out the truth is by confronting the source. She ambushes Forest at his home who agrees to tell Lilly the purpose of the Devs program.

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Katie instills a simple and cooperative argument dialogue with Lily. She explains the power the Devs system can generate but the system falters at a certain point and only emits static. Katie assumes that someone’s presence is changing the possible outcomes causing the issue.

5 Episode 2 (8.0)

The mysterious suspicion of Segei’s disappearance comes more into focus as Lily convinces Jamie (Jin Ha) to crack the code on Sergei’s phone. The truth that Lily uncovers has you gasping in shock and intrigues you even more. Back at the Devs lab, the team is successful in creating a projection of Forest’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Kenton is tailing Lily and her actions regarding Sergei’s disappearance. By the end of the episode, things take a turn that only adds to the audience’s suspicion about the real purpose of the Devs program.

4 Episode 1 (8.2)

The first episode of the show gets a high ranking as it kicks off the storyline in a jam-packed episode. The show gets right into it and hooks viewers from the start to keep watching. Sergei, an Amaya worker, is promoted to work for the Devs team.

Sergei questions his role but is told by Forest to only focus on what’s in front of him. The coding shocks Sergei. Later on, he doesn’t return home to Lily, who works in the encryption division. Unconvinced by Forest and Kenton’s footage of Sergei leaving the property, she backups his phone from the cloud and discovers an encrypted program. She is then shown by Forest what really happened to Sergei.

3 Episode 8 (8.3)

Episode eight of Devs will have audiences feeling serious emotions and on the edge of their seat. Lily confronts Forest once again, but Forest shows her a projection from the Devs program. He explains that it has predetermined her actions that would lead to a tragic outcome. To Forest, the program is concrete in its results but is shocked when Lily practices “free will” to alter them.

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Despite her decision, an outside party causes the future outcome regardless. Seeing as this is the final episode of the show, the end result will leave viewers in disarray and questioning the show’s future on how it will handle the storyline and its characters. This only makes the need for a second season even greater.

2 Episode 7 (8.3)

The situation gets tense as Lily takes matters into her own hands. The Devs team has been able to perfect the system and only wait for its full completion. Prior, Lyndon (Cailee Spaeny) desperately wants her position back on the Devs team but is given a mission by Katie. She ultimately fails. Meanwhile, Lily reconciles with Jamie and explains her plan regarding Devs.

A visit from Kenton causes a dangerous situation and with the help of an unknown ally, she manages to get away. This leads Lily to confront the issue head-on and go after Forest.

1 Episode 4 (8.3)

The highest-rated episode of the series goes to episode four. The episode further solidifies the power behind the Devs program that only leads to more consequences and issues. Kenton feigns beings a friend to Lily and suggests that she visit a psychiatrist.

Meanwhile, Lyndon develops a new algorithm that perfects Devs, but Forest rejects it and fires her. Lily realizes that Kenton was only creating a ruse and causes a diversion injuring them both. Katie applies the rejected algorithm creating a perfect projection of Forest’s daughter. After escaping, Lily comes to the decision to contact authorities, but it only works against her.

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