/D-Wave Making quantum computing accessible. (via Qpute.com)

D-Wave Making quantum computing accessible. (via Qpute.com)

At Invoke, we frequently work in conjunction with our client’s internal tech teams. D-Wave was no different, as we collaborated with their systems and software, tools, QA, brand and marketing, and Leap management teams. As we absorbed their quantum expertise, they smoothly adopted our user-centered process — we even helped them with their very first design hire to ensure that process and practice continues in their organization.

Working with internal tech teams means finding ways to ensure new solutions mesh seamlessly with those that are existing. So, instead of delivering all work in a single codebase, we delivered a flexible collection of libraries and components that can be reused within each other (e.g., the Graphing Library, Inspector Components, and Demo Application). Additionally, there are embeddable components that can be utilized in multiple contexts, meaning the problem inspector can be used across the D-Wave product suite.

To prepare for the inclusion of the visualizer and inspector in the launch of Leap 2 and their integrated development environment, we’ve continued to work closely with D-Wave on refining the details, functional QA, and finding ways to improve the experience.

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