/Could 2021 be the year of technology? Here are some trends to watch out for – The New Indian Express (via Qpute.com)
Could 2021 be the year of technology? Here are some trends to watch out for - The New Indian Express

Could 2021 be the year of technology? Here are some trends to watch out for – The New Indian Express (via Qpute.com)

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In the 1960s, the US Department of Defense needed technology to monitor seismic activity resulting from earthquakes and nuclear activities. Researchers at the University of California have developed ARPANET on a third-generation computer to help increase defense capabilities. They didn’t know they were changing history in their labs to transform the future forever. ARPANET was the cornerstone of today’s Internet. But it crashed at “LO” when the researchers tried to write LOGIN.

Cut until 2021. High speed internet in India is probably the cheapest in the world. This year will be remarkable when it comes to the telecom companies that finally introduce us to the 5G network. There will be ultra-thin LED TVs, portable devices, and personal assistants gradually removing the smartphone monopoly for every business. No, this will not deter smartphone makers who continue to bring us new products every month. But the point is, technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with predictive analytics have already started to initiate a new ecosystem, which will have all new plug-and-play devices to take us away from excessive dependence on smartphones. .

The year 2021 in the tech realm will see portable devices and virtual personal assistant (VPA) compatible speakers with enhanced analytics take center stage with smartphones, which would continue to gain greater popularity. wars and to pave the way for other technologies and gadgets. New technologies improved this year appear to be aimed at benefiting businesses rather than customers on a macro scale. Many businesses have closed or downsized during the pandemic. Massive job losses spawned an economic crisis. AI increases both IQ and EQ. Artificial intelligence: AI takes it to the next level with “AI on board” or “AI on edge”. Data no longer needs to be sent for processing in the cloud.

Bandwidth will be preserved while cloud services will be cheaper. In a country like India, where communications disruption is the norm in rural areas, industries can make decisions in real time. A vital leap in AI is to bypass expertise so that employees without technological expertise can identify threats using pre-programmed software. AI applications and ML have taken healthcare by storm, enabling common diagnosis of complicated surgeries. Conversely, AI is a threat to privacy by merging better with the Internet of Things (IoT) which collects and transfers data wirelessly. via interdependent internet devices without human control.

Mystery devices: data is king. Telematics is the use of wireless devices and “black boxes” to display inputs and outputs, but without transparency – to transmit real-time data to a business. Talent identification: We live in the digital age where talent is paramount. Companies are adopting a Darwinian solution to recruiting. AI-powered apps are already helping businesses identify the right hires. The parameters are experience, technical expertise, intellectual skills, general skills and cultural consonance.

Sustainability Awareness: With sustainability entering business, renting versus selling will be the new normal – recycling, sharing, and storage. Quantum Leap: Quantum Computing to Perform High Speed ​​Intervention in Healthcare, Banking and Finance by Assessing Credit Risk and Fraud Detection Robot Invasion: There is a darker side to the future . Robots will play a bigger role in the industry, threatening jobs. McKinsey estimates that less than 5% of jobs can be fully automated and around 60% partially.

Reality Bytes: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (ER), which are …

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