/Get Nearly 100 Hours of Higher Math Training for Less Than $30 (via Qpute.com)
Get Nearly 100 Hours of Higher Math Training for Less Than $30

Get Nearly 100 Hours of Higher Math Training for Less Than $30 (via Qpute.com)

“How will I ever use this in my everyday life?” That’s a common lament among math students. But the older you get, the more it becomes obvious that mathematics is a vital stepping stone to a wide range of careers. Engineers, accountants, insurance actuaries, and other workers use math every day in their jobs, not to mention coders in the rapidly expanding field of data science.

So how do you catch up if you’ve decided to pursue one of these career paths? The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle is a great first step. Online learning is the best way to absorb concrete skills like math at your own pace, and this particular series of courses keeps a focus on its practical applications. Not only will you learn some fundamental college-level concepts in a fraction of the time, but you’ll learn them while mastering some essential software tools in data science.

Anyone who has a basic high school knowledge of math can dive in. The introductory precalculus course covers all the foundational concepts you need, from logarithms to exponential functions. From there, pursue whatever path best suits your career aspirations; engineers will want to study calculus, while economists can take advantage of courses on graph theory.

Data scientists and programmers will find a real treasure trove of information, though: The 10-course bundle includes lessons on number base conversion, discrete mathematics, and even quantum computing. An experienced array of teachers make it painless throughout, boiling down complex concepts like boolean logic to their essence with practical, hands-on exercises. You’ll even get to work with MATLAB and R, the programming languages that make it possible for teams of data scientists to cobble together world-changing algorithms.

All in all, you’ll get almost 100 hours of expert education in higher math, all at your fingertips for as long as you need it. PCMag readers can start learning today with The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle, available for $29.99—98 percent off the MSRP.

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