/Shahram Jazayeri’s Theory on the Role of Quantum Wires in Developing Cryptocurrencies (via Qpute.com)

Shahram Jazayeri’s Theory on the Role of Quantum Wires in Developing Cryptocurrencies (via Qpute.com)

According to Shahram Jazayeri, quantum computing with artificial intelligence dominance in the money and capital markets’ financial economy will soon appear. And the shift of the economy from cryptocurrencies to Quantum and stocks; will be a new era of humankind.

Shahram Jazayeri’s Theory on the Role of Quantum Wires in Developing Cryptocurrencies

The new age of communication has virtually blurred the boundaries. Free capital platforms have equipped and developed public collections into modern media without borders.

These practical concepts are made much easier by assuming 10,000 times more awareness and intelligence to information flows.

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He goes on to say, “Quantum wire of circulating information formula with a consciousness of 10,000 times (quantum basis) by assuming development on borderless platforms.” Each entry of any internal absorption swallows at least hundreds of times more international credit from space without borders. Such a large appetite for platform opportunities cannot be proven or predicted by relying on primary resources, except by the use of Quantum in economics. You will soon see that this foundation will be the basis.

The theory of quantum economics is not an absolute truth. It is not an exact method. It is not definite. It is not unchangeable; It can only open a window into the current world; that time would stop for the economy or even go backward.

If in this theory, we assume the economy as a floating fluid. Economic movements with this floating fluid, considering not to sink, control time, and bring all the factors that cause the economy’s float not to drop to zero—the definition and realization of zero time and Quantum’s economics application.

However, at any moment, the economy floating sink in time and time may swallow the economy if it sinks that the facts of quantum economics did not work correctly. If it stays floating and continues to move rationally, time zero becomes a reality. Quanta’s effects are verified in economics.

He added that Quantum is strangely complex, dazzling, deceptive, strange, slow to understand, and utterly unpredictable. It tries to prove that there are infinitely other worlds beyond this world. Only those who have the power of imagination can understand Quantum and strangely understand the unknowns.

He continues: “All my efforts are to define Quantum in economics with a simple concept, but it is very complex and mysterious. I have not yet fully understood it.”  We should try to define Quantum in economics and understandably.

He also added that: Application of Quantum in economics; Shahram Jazayeri tries to control and manage time for economic activist by relying on quantum economics. He believes that time is the biggest enemy of economics. If he can create zero time for economics by relying on quantum concepts, the best working conditions and capital have been created. Quantum economics from Shahram Jazayeri’s point of view means zero time in economics.

Finally, he points out that we must examine the conditions for the onset of quanta’s effects in the economy that move with the question quantity in various dimensions with the advantages and disadvantages of data. We do not have ambiguous and complex behavior. Simply put, the data should be easily accessible to the necessary rotations to characterize the economy’s quantum wheel.

“Zero time” causes infinite productivity in the economy.

The meaning of business growth in zero time is the result of information circulation at a speed of light that adapts to quantum physics in economics and overlap and high gravity.

The circulation of information with a very high volume causes the above-imagination absorptions in the financial economy’s entanglement of money and capital markets. And its combination with the real economy; will give a new understanding of the current situation, which can be interpreted as the quantization of the economy.

To achieve any part of the economy, helpful information beyond your imagination with a speed of light and a fraction of a second will dramatically reduce your time to achieve your goals. And you will master it.

However, issues such as parallel lives in parallel universes and man’s immortality, and the reversal of time have been whispered in scientific circles. However, in this article, we discuss our objective and tangible facts, not invisible and unknown facts.

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