/Changing global order and national gumption (via Qpute.com)
Changing global order and national gumption

Changing global order and national gumption (via Qpute.com)

The military contingents employed in the aid to civil power during the transition of reigns between president trump and President Biden, will be given democracy medal. The federalist papers, the constitution of USA and the political precedence is not so rich with such traditions. The populist rants spun out of 26000 tweets by Mr. trump has left the society divided and in confusion if not disarray. Such interesting times are just the beginning of Orwellian era which George Orwell predicted in his literary master pieces. The utopian tweets and prevailing dystopia is the play book of changing global order. Taking a leaf from Orwell, now both the geo-politics and geo-economics is driven by technology. The race for land, territory and geographical parcels is replaced with maintaining the edge in technological advancement. The Mahan and Makinder is being replaced by Einstein, tesla and hawking etc. This global order has the building blocks, bricks and mortar of pure, empirical and cutting edge science. Revolution in the use of integrated circuits and rear earth metals has altogether changed the application or at least the mode of grand strategy. Welcome to the post truth and post oil era. In a lighter note, International law is being replaced with moore’s law, moore’s law into quantum computing. The journey from copper to silicon took two centuries and from silicon to graphene, it just took a decade. The significance of oil rich areas in post oil era will be much diminished. The bottle necks and choke points are no more geographical, these are empirical, situated in some nuclear, biological or mechanical lab. USA probably realized this coming change in the application of grand strategy in early fifties. Area 51 near Nevada desert of USA, is the biggest, top secret conglomeration of countless laboratories where discrete secret military inventions are researched, commissioned and produced to be displayed at appropriate time.

Pakistan by the analogy of Annie Jacobsen’s area 51 is naturally placed at cusp of becoming technologically an advanced country

Area 51 is at least 50 years ahead of rest of the world. It is out of bound for anyone in its complete extremities of hundreds of kilometers. No air craft is authorized to fly over it under any circumstances. Whatever is going on there, is only known to very few. U-2 reconnaissance aircraft which was the precursor of stealth technology was one of the earlier inventions at area 51.Pakistan suffered because of the famous U-2 incident but stood by its international commitments. Annie Jacobsen wrote four books on such subjects, her book about area 51 contains startling revelations. As per Annie Jacobsen everything from robotics, stealth technology, weapon systems, extra sensory perception, molecular biology , space technology, genetics, AI, machine learning, neuro-biology and quantum computing etc are being researched there. Area 51 is far ahead from the rest of the world in a host of fields of modern science. The group of ex Nazi scientists and the Jason scientists together changed the concepts of geo-politics of the world through the theories of physics, mathematics and biology etc. So, the coming world order, the international polarity and the conversion of the world from a socio- political entity to an empirically-qualitative entity is there to redefine everything. The gumption for Pakistan as a state is very clear. The emergence of china as upcoming world power is taken as a second sputnik moment, first being the one whence USSR had overtook USA in space technology. China has, had their conversion moments and vowed not to be surprised again, especially after the continuum of opium war till the Second World War. Pakistan is situated in a very interesting region. Every state has to live under the patriarchy of a super power or at least a regional power. The opening up of china to the west through a visit of Henry Kissinger, support to the Palestinian cause, facing the dismemberment with generic grace, helping the mujahideen to fight afghan war and most recently defeating the terrorists and fifth columnists in tribal and settled areas of the country are just few incidents where the state acquired the center stage of international geo-politics. The resilience and acquired gumption now dictates a very different line to follow. Pakistan by the analogy of Annie Jacobsen’s area 51 is naturally placed at cusp of becoming technologically an advanced country. Why and how. In post oil era, three things are required to progress, one, well aware human capital, abundance of minerals and rear earth metals and a progressing mentor of a state. Pakistan has got all three. China being taken as a political partner in world system should be taken as the technological big brother. Friendship is much beyond CPEC. It has to be comprehensive, mutually beneficial and progressive in nature. President Biden’s initiative of climate summit and not including Pakistan despite it being the 5th most effected country in the world, depicts one thing, that state department has to laser clean the lenses through which they see the far horizons. If it has to establish the role of India as the regional bigwig, then the lesson learnt out of area 51 is lost. Moore’s law and the geo-political moorings of south block do not go together. Indian lenses are shaded, jaded and permanently clouded with optic failure of a pair of two blue eyes or may be the brown one.

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