/These 17 Vancouver companies have raised over $1 billion combined (via Qpute.com)
Snack dating app

These 17 Vancouver companies have raised over $1 billion combined (via Qpute.com)

Vancouver’s tech and innovation sectors already seen strong recovery and growth this year.

Our snapshot captures local companies from various sectors in different stages of growth—from digital collectibles to plant-based meal-kit delivery.

The following 17 Vancouver companies have raised a combined total of over $1 billion since the beginning of this year.

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Dapper Labs – $305M USD

Axiom Zen / Grady Mitchell

Crypto company Dapper Labs boasts high-profile investors like Michael Jordan and Will Smith in its recent $305 million funding round. Their newest marketplace, NBA Top Shot, has been a hit in the digital collectibles world—much like Cryptokitties, the company’s other extremely popular platform.

D-Wave – $40M

Quantum computing company D-Wave was granted a cool $40 million from the federal government, as part of Ottawa’s Strategic Innovation Fund. The Burnaby-based company has now been around for 22 years.

Dooly – $20M USD

Dooly recently revealed two separate raises not previously disclosed: a $3.3M seed round plus $17 million Series A. Dooly’s CEO describes the sales automation tool as “replacing 😤😡🤬 with 🤩🥰🥳 for salespeople” on LinkedIn.

Fraction Technologies – $289M

Fraction bills itself as a “social conscious financial solutions” platform, and has raised an astounding $289 million to launches in Canada and the US. It’s no wonder that the pandemic has increased interest in alternative funding sources for harried homeowners.

Graffiti Games – $1.5M

Specializing in indie video game publishing, Graffiti Games grew with early hits like adventure-platformer Blue Fire, which is now being ported to other platforms. Despite the pandemic, last year Graffiti reported a 10% revenue raise over the previous year.

Kardium – $115M USD

Medical hardware company Kardium has raised a cool $115 million USD to fuel the development of a device that treats atrial fibrillation (AF)—an irregular heartbeat disorder. Kardium’s funding is to progress its clinical studies in Europe and seek US regulatory approval.

Launchtrip – $4.7M

Betting on the fact that travel will come back in a big way soon, Launchtrip’s app focuses on improving the booking process for group travel. The company’s $4.7M seed round is a sign of investor confidence that the travel and hospitality space will rebound shortly post-COVID.

MazumaGo – $ 800,000

Victoria-based fintech startup MazumaGo has raised a seed round of over $800,000. The company intends to disrupt the Canadian B2B payments sector by doing away with paper cheques and manual processes on large payments.

NEXE Innovations – $8M

NEXE, an “innovative materials company” that manufactures plant-based products, has quietly raised $8 million. The company’s main product is a compostable single-serve coffee pod, for all of your guilt-free caffeine indulgences.

Nexii Building Solutions – $33M


Example of Nexiite construction. (Nexii)

The fourth round of funding for this green construction startup, the $33 million injection ($66 million raised to date) will lead to the opening of a new production facility in Squamish. Nexii’s replacement for concrete, “Nexiite,” can lead to lowered carbon emissions, in select new building or renovation applications.

ParcelPal – $1M USD

Logistics companies have seen a big boom as Canadian consumers are ordering more and more online, and ParcelPal’s over $1 million USD financing is further evidence that the new demand is here to stay. The company currently operates in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto, and plans to expand nationally soon.

PocketPills – $30M

Telehealth in Canada has come a long way in a relatively short time. It’s no wonder that PocketPills, “Canada’s largest and fastest-growing online pharmacy,” experienced 5x growth in 2020. The Series B $30 million raise will broaden product offerings and further work towards the comapny’s vision of nationwide same-day delivery.

Snack – $3.5M USD

Snack dating app

Snack dating app

“Tinder is your parents’ dating app,” states Snack founder Kimberly Kaplan. And since investors love chasing anything Gen Z, the video-focused dating app has secured a pre-seed round of $3.5 million USD to woo the TikTok crowd.

Tasktop – $100M USD

Tasktop Technologies improves software development processes for enterprise customers like BMW, CGI, E*Trade, and T-Mobile. Tasktop’s platforms have already been deployed by half of the Fortune 100, helping businesses improve software delivery and oversight.

Vegano Foods – $4.2M

Vegano Foods, Canada’s first plant-based meal-kit delivery service, has raised a Series A of $4.2 million, bringing total funding to $6 million. The 1-year old company is starting with meal delivery across Metro Vancouver before expanding to other markets.

Visualping – $2M

Internet monitoring startup Visualping is in the business of tracking changes to websites, mostly through keywords and alerts to its subscriber base. The $2 million seed round will help the 6-year old company expand on its enterprise products for companies.

ZenHub – $4.7M USD

Project management development platform ZenHub has raised a seed round to further their mission of “building a future where nobody has to ‘do’ project management.” The company was previously self-funded and already profitable at the time of the raise.

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