/Quantum Computing Technologies Group – IFAE (via Qpute.com)
Quantum Computing Technologies Group - IFAE

Quantum Computing Technologies Group – IFAE (via Qpute.com)

There exist today small-scale prototypes produced by both research groups and large corporations. Those devices are getting powerful enough to provide advantages over conventional computers in specific applications. However, in order to achieve the long-sought “quantum supremacy”, several key developments are still necessary.

IFAE is fully engaged in this technology since 2019. The particular implementation developed at IFAE, quantum annealing, is one of the most promising avenues by which to achieve an advantage over conventional computers by solving optimization problems which are ubiquitous in society (delivery, traffic, chemistry, etc.).

The QCT group develops superconducting circuits for applications in quantum computation. By employing Josephson-junction technology, the group engineers superconducting qubits for the implementetion of quantum algorithms. Part of the research is focused on improving the qubit quality by mitigation of environmental noise sources, while at the same time the circuits are used to investigate fundamental physics of quantum optics phenomena.

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