/May 2021 (Volume 30, Number 5) (via Qpute.com)
May 2021 (Volume 30, Number 5)

May 2021 (Volume 30, Number 5) (via Qpute.com)

APS Honors Members for Outstanding Science Policy Advocacy
Twelve Society members have been selected for awards honoring their outstanding advocacy work in the past year.

What is it Like Being a Data Scientist?
Jie Ren shares her insight into transitioning from physics to a career in data science.

2021 Kavli Foundation Special Symposium Tackles the Frontiers of Computation
Five distinguished researchers spoke on aspects of machine learning and quantum computing at the 2021 March Meeting.

New Laser Testing Approach Detects Coronavirus in Minutes
At the 2021 March Meeting, physicist Miguel José Yacamán detailed a new, physics-based approach to testing for SARs-CoV-2.

Neil Ashcroft 1938-2021
Remembering an influential theorist known for his contributions to high-temperature hydrogen superconductors and educating the next generation of physicists.

2021 PhysTEC Conference Talks Teacher Training Online
An online PhysTEC meeting brought together over 100 attendees to discuss physics teacher education.

Commentary: Staying the Course in Science Policy Advocacy during COVID
Raju Ghimire highlights the importance of participating in advocacy activities, even during a difficult year.

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